A Short List Of Street Openers

In this post about indirect vs direct street game, a discussion among the commentariat ensued which included many useful opening gambits for approaching girls on the street, in the day time. Here are the best ones. Some of these are direct (aka bold), some indirect (aka situational), some “indirect-direct” (aka flirting).

“Excuse me, I have to get to a meeting that’s going to change my life, but I think you’re gonna change it, too. Let me have your number, I’ll call you later and we’ll see if I’m right.”


I have a friend who brings his dog to the bar. Inevitably, girls come up, start playing with the dog, and say, “He’s so cute!”

What does he say?

“I don’t think he likes you.”


“It’s not really polite to stare at people like that.”


“I’m afraid I’m going to have to hit on you. Damnit, this is the last thing I needed today.”


“Excuse me, may I tell you something?”

Don’t wait for answer. “You were walking by just there with a reeeeeally serious expression on your face.”


“YOU. Who ARE you?” (breaking rapport (accusing) tone, as if she’s not supposed to be there doing whatever she’s doing)
“Oh, uhh, I’m Sally?”
“Well Sally, I saw you from across the room and had to come say hello. I think we’re going to have to have a million babies together.”
“omg lol umm no thanks lol”
“Alright, then we’ll start with coffee instead.”


“Hey, how do I get to Place?”
“oh, umm I think it’s 2 blocks that way and then turn–”
“lol I don’t actually need directions. I just thought you were cute and wanted to come flirt with you. Who are you?”
“omg lol ummm Sally omg”
“I haven’t seen you around here before Sally, you must be (cold read, teasing, etc.)”


“Hey, how do I get to Place?”
“oh, umm I think it’s 2 blocks that way and then turn–”
“It sounds like you’re just making that up.” (accusation/teasing)
“lol no I just–”
“If you don’t know, you can just say so. Why are you messing with poor lost strangers who just need help? You MONSTER.” (teasing, accusing, cold-reading)
“omg!! lol no I’m not I was–”
“No, it’s too late, I hate you now. But I’m willing to let you make it up to me over drinks sometime. You free this weekend?” (push/pull, pushing for the close)
“well I have a boyfriend!”
“That’s okay. We’ll invite him too. Then you can give him made up directions so he gets lost and we can keep flirting.” (pushing for the close)
“omg well we’re getting married…”
“Not after we have drinks you won’t be.” (pushing for the close)


YOU: “How tough are the cops in this city on jaywalkers? I’ve got a long jaywalking rap sheet. Can’t afford another bust.”
HER: laughs, smirks, whatever.
YOU: “When I was in [foreign country], no one jaywalked, even when the coast was clear.”


As long as you’re consistently moving forward towards a direct place I think [indirect] is fine.

On a side note, If I stop a girl.. i will say something like “Excuse me…” just to measure her initial level of receptiveness. If she is smiling and seems open, direct works well since she is in a good mood.

If she looks at me in a more formal manner, or like she does not really want to talk, I would go indirect.


“I know this is going to sound totally random and crazy, and you probably get this from guys all the time, but… [huge pause]…what time is it?”



I hate writing these types of posts because they invariably summon the dummy pantywaist hordes of “dur dur say this magic line and HB10000000s will fall in your lap” anti-gamers who never met a nuance they didn’t reconstruct into an elaborate strawman. So to head off a steamroller of stupidity, I’ll clarify a few things for them.

1. None of these lines will magically cause a woman to have sex with you. Game doesn’t work that way, despite the haters’ and femcunts’ best efforts to caricature it as such. Game is a process. It’s a fluid strategy that employs many tactics to reach the goals of sex, love or sexlovesugarmarriage.

2. Lines like these are effective because they are better than the usual boring drivel and clumsy chit chat that most men resort to when meeting women they find attractive. A girl who hears these lines as opposed to, say, “Do you live around here?”, will be more intrigued than she otherwise would be. And a woman’s intrigue is a necessary precondition to her wanting sex with you.

3. A quasi-canned, ready-to-spit opener, or opener routine, encourages men to talk to women. 99% of potential approaches never materialize because the guy thinks to himself “Damn, I have nothing to say”. Sound familiar? Having a few interesting openers in your head removes that excuse from your self-defeatism repertoire. Now you have something to say. And you’ll feel that weight of hopelessness miraculously lift off your shoulders.

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