Alpha Assessment: Ain’t No Thing Edition

David writes:

So on my way to achieving my maximum alpha-dom, I’ve discovered more and more that R is 110% right on everything. I’m sorta-kinda involved with a really nice 7/10 girl, but she has an 8 friend. So I start this conversation with her friend and she says:

“she likes you. shes my bestfriend. she has never & wouldnt ever do it to me. i can’t do it to her.”

I respond

“1 – we aint a thing
2 – what happens in vegas…”

After going through a pretty repetitive circle (I was slightly buzzed when I typed this and still am), she agreed to come over before work tomorrow and ‘test my seduction skills against her resistance skills,’ which is whore for ‘you fuck me senseless and I’ll pretend like it wasn’t supposed to go down like that.’ Point is, I got this after the rapport circle:

“None of this gets back to [name of 7].”

Sure thing? I think so.

“we ain’t a thing” — Major disqualification. Chicks dig the moving target.

“what happens in vegas” — Breaching her anti-slut defense. Assurance of privacy granted.

The 7 friend — Preselection. Getting hotter women is easier when you can pivot off slightly less hot women. Pivot off a 7 to get an 8, off an 8 to get a 9. Doesn’t work if the pivot is much uglier than the target, so don’t think you can date cigstache and trampoline off her enormous tobacco-stained gut into the sexy bosom of a 10.

Challenge level: 1 (on a 0 to 5 scale, zero being a cokehead offering a hummer for your dimebag and five being the supermodel newlywed of a famous actor.)

Alpha level: 3 (on a 0 to 5 scale, zero being an example of the bare minimum to cross the threshold from beta to alpha and five being an example of the kind of alpha game a man merged with the DNA of Jack Nicholson, Tommy Lee and Silvio Berlusconi would run.)

Summary judgment: A well-executed alpha attack on a chick who was looking to fuck. But this is end game stuff when the fornication line is in sight.


walawala writes:

Here’s my exchange with HB8 I met at our Latin dance night 2 weeks ago. We hit it off, lots of kino, IOI’s rapport, she qualified herself.

We met up a few days later on consecutive days spent the entire class hanging out, dancing. I purposely never number closed that time to see whether there was interest. I didn’t see her for two weeks so sent her an email on Facebook:

ME: NICKNAME I CREATED. Caiprinhas, we’re on…you’re buying the first round. LEAVE PHONE NUMBER.

Day and a half later, I get this response:

HER: NICKNAME SHE CREATED! hahaha how did you find me? i know i have been absent from the dance scene these couple of weeks. i just started a summer internship plus the world cup has been keeping my nights occupied 😛 how are things with you?

ME: NICKNAME…life is good, …World Cup, yah…except when North Korea plays Ivory Coast…nail-biter. Slovenia, is that really a country? Isn’t it just Croatia Junior?

Well NICKNAME one more chance to redeem yourself: Next Monday let’s meet up for class, followed of course by drinks, you can help me celebrate Fourth of July.

Haven’t received a response, but her friendly but figured her rather lukewarm reply to my initial outreach was worth one more shot. She never did leave her contact number. I haven’t yet received a reply but….Alpha enough and on the right track with this approach to asking out?

You’ve got self-awareness, but you sound like you’re trying too hard. First, hunting her down on Facebook is always going to seem stalkerish, no matter your intentions, and even if she gave you her full name. That was your first mistake; you are now the chaser. It would have been better to number close her the first night you danced together, while the iron — or in this case, the gina — was hot.

Always Be Escalating.

Don’t hesitate “to see whether there was interest”. That’s the sort of thing betas and brooding poets do.

Your emails then were doomed to sound like a guy trying to recapture an alpha frame that never really was. You needed to be less wordy, even curt to the point of assholery, to put her on her heels in the defensive crouch. For example:

YOU: [forget the cutesy nicknames. she is not yet worth your labored creativity] what are you doing on facebook? I thought you were different.

HER: NICKNAME SHE CREATED! hahaha how did you find me? i know i have been absent from the dance scene these couple of weeks. i just started a summer internship plus the world cup has been keeping my nights occupied 😛 how are things with you?

YOU: [screw the nicknames] stupendous. gotta go.  i’ll see you at the next dance class. wear something twirly.

This exchange is ambiguous enough that she’s not sure if you’re interested or not, so it robs her of the satisfying ego glow she would get from knowing she is being chased by a suitor during the week between the emails and the next class. This way, she shows up to the class just a little bit nervous, instead of overconfident in her sexual power. Now you have regained hand, and hand is the foreplay of the mind.

Challenge level: 3 (she’s basically a cold lead.)

Alpha level: 0 (the alpha force is weak in you, son.)

Summary judgment: You’d better hit on other girls in full view of her during the next dance class if you want to spark her attraction again. Practice your One Word Game.


Matt writes:

So Friday night I met this girl who just moved back to my country and when we let we both laughed because we had heard about each other (I don’t know what she has heard about me).
We hung out for the rest of the night. She and I would flirt a bit and I would neg her and she would punch me on the arm or give me little IoI’s.
Then at the most random time during us talking she just says

Her: Oh by the way I’m not going to fuck you.
Me: (confused look) Well you’re not really my time anyway.

And the conversation continues but she said it like three times that night.
She also gave me her business card.
I ended up sleeping over at her house with everyone from our group. But not with her.

The next day my Wing tells me every guy pretty much loves her. Great i’m just another AFC.

Today I see her in the park and chat with her for a few minutes nothing special really.

I’ve added her on facebook and now I’m wondering how do I get together with her if I can only message or email her? (Her phone number on her card isn’t from my country)
Do I even still have a chance with her?

A girl punching your arm is the metaphorical subconscious blurt of a clit flick. She wants it. You have only to refrain from sabotaging yourself at that point. But also note that there is a risk you are dealing with a superflirt. I don’t have enough context from your description to gauge whether she is nothing but a cockteasing attention whore.

When a girl wants it badly, her anti-slut defense will kick in autonomically, often at the most inopportune or random times. The “I’m not going to fuck you” line is a classic slut tell. The mere verbalization of the thought is evidence she most certainly is thinking about fucking you.

There are probably a number of ways to handle the preemptive fuck denial (PFD), but one that almost never fails is stone cold disqualification.

HER: oh by the way, i’m not going to fuck you.

YOU: [no confused look] phew! that’s a relief.

If she repeats herself again the same night, you can up the psychological ante.

HER: no , really, i’m not going to fuck you.

YOU: my girlfriend will be relieved you aren’t going to jump my bones.

Finally, you can call her bluff.

HER: i’m not going to fuck you tonight.

YOU: you know, if i didn’t know any better, i’d think you were dying to fuck me. try not to make it so obvious.

Or, if you think her buying temp is high, you could try this:

HER: i’m not going to fuck you tonight.

YOU: no, but you will kiss me. [lean in and go for it]

Despite the above suggestions, I think if you are getting a lot of PFDs from a chick, it is either evidence that she is an incorrigible and crude flirt, or she has the emotional development of a Twilight obsessed teen girl who can’t handle the arousal inflaming her labia. You’ll have to judge the difference, because dealing with a superflirt is radically different than dealing with a girl who actually wants to fuck you.

Challenge level: 2 (brass ring. so close.)

Alpha level: 3 (you nearly connected with your alpha chakra, but let transcendence slip through your grasp in the park.)

Summary judgment: Since your quarry was either a taunting superflirt or a wet and wild emotionally stunted slut, you had your hands full trying to navigate this female landscape. Props for the meager effort.

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