Alpha Male Of The Month

Before you read this post, I want you to remember something written here many times. The alpha male is not necessarily the admirable man. The alpha male is the guy who does really well with young, hot (read: high quality) women, because women love everything about him. You may not like the character of such men, but a lot of women sure do. So redirect your blame where it rightfully belongs, if blame you must.

That said, and without further ado, behold the winner of the Alpha Male of the Month award.

For the lovelorn nerds in the audience, that’s what adoration looks like. And, for that matter, that’s what cocky confidence looks like. The two tend to go hand in hand in matters of the smitten heart.

The details behind this loving photo aren’t exactly the stuff of after school specials (or maybe they are now?).

Last year, Jordan Powers was just another student from Mr. Hooker’s class. Now she’s his live-in girlfriend.

James Hooker — the 41-year-old married father who left his wife and kids for his 18-year-old-student — might be the worst teacher ever. Last week, he resigned from his job at Enochs High School in Modesto, California over the scandal that’s shaken up a community and pit one mom on a crusade to save her daughter from a man she calls a “master manipulator.”

Jordan met her teacher as a freshman, but both maintain nothing physical happened until she turned 18 this past September. Hooker claims he saw Powers as “just a student” and had no romantic feelings toward her at first, but when her most recent birthday came around, things changed.

They changed so much, in fact, that Hooker, left his wife and three kids (one of them a 17-year-old Enochs high school student as well) so that he could move in with Jordan.

It doesn’t get much more ALPHA than winning the utter devotion of a hot babe half your age. For those wondering, I consider leaving your loyal wife and kids to live with a younger, hotter woman to be legitimate grounds for the wife to initiate divorce proceedings and extract some type of payment for damage inflicted. Shocking that you hear a man like me say this? Well, what this guy did was break a deal. Broken deals usually come with consequences. This is why I counsel men to avoid modern marriage altogether: it’s a RAW FUCKING DEAL for men because it requires most of the sacrifice to come from the man’s end of the bargain. A man has to turn his back on much more of his natural sexual predilection in the decision to commit to marriage than does a woman. Why do you think women are so eager to rush into the nuptial shackles bond?

The more interesting angle to this story is how it operates at the level of what I call a reverse Rorschach test. Given an unmistakable picture of an in-shape, confident man with a much younger, sexually developed woman obviously in love with him, we get to examine in technicolor glory the psyches of people, particularly older women, whose instinct is to recoil at the sight. We get to see, essentially, an enraged, fearful mind create an inky blotch out of a clear picture.

Lets follow the cunty brick road down the article author’s mindmap for an illuminating glimpse at her terrorized id thrashing violently against the bars of its cage. Note: Author is an older woman. As are the other women, besides Jordan, quoted in the article.

If this all sounds suspicious to you…

Jordan, a quiet, fragile-seeming young woman, who looks closer to 15 than 18 years in age…

gazed up at her former teacher, a man that looks every bit his 41 years…

Desperate for her child, Tammie has turned her own Facebook page into a “most wanted” profile for Hooker…

Since the story has been picked up by national press, she’s been flooded with messages of support from strangers….

“Nancy’s always been a victims advocate and fights for justice,” Tammie wrote on Facebook. “That’s the goal here, justice.”

Sounds suspicious, older man must be up to no good, possibly firing mind rays into girl? Check.

Helpless, fragile 18-year-old woman who could be mistaken, if you stare hard enough through a gauzy filter, for a prepubescent girl with no boobs, hips or ass? Check.

Man therefore a creepy pedophile? Check.

41-year-old man looks his age so why isn’t he dating women like me? Check.

Mother desperate for her legally adult “child”? Check.

Insinuation that man should be on a Most Wanted List? Check.

Armies of women circling the wagons around mother, shaming man into ostracizing himself? Check.

Older man in a loving relationship (and, yes, you bet it’s loving) with younger woman now a matter of “justice” and “victims”? Check.

Oh, my sides! These are the pretty lies older women tell themselves to calm the fear and terror inspired by their sexual obsolescence. It’s so obvious to anyone with the eyes to see: the craving for a world that is aligned with older women’s fragile, helpless egos, a craving so powerful that rivers of deceit, distortion and defamation spill from their lips and pens in an effort to obscure the dread, dark reality. And that reality is this–

Every older husband — every fucking one of them — is turned on by the sight of hot women half his wife’s age. He imagines scenarios… transactions… with these younger babes, thrillingly vivid and the stuff of older wives’ nightmares, and no amount of religious upbringing, tortured self-abnegation, hypocrisy or womanly shaming will cleanse his mind of these delicious thoughts.

Most men don’t act on these thoughts, because most men don’t have the option to act on them. But some do. If they are smart, they mouth feminist platitudes to distract the loser brigade while nailing the ass of some fine buxom coed. Just ask Hugo Schwyzer.


I find it funny that the mother of the young woman is attempting to smear the guy by pointing to texts he sent her just before she turned 18. That kind of charade puts the lie to the intentions behind age of consent laws. It’s ridiculous to insinuate, as this mom is doing, that her little girl was a radically different woman incapable of making decisions for herself just a few months before she turned 18. The mother is appealing to a legalistic, arbitrary age demarcation — in this case communication that occurred only a few months on the “wrong” side of the law — as proof that Hooker is a pedophile in all but the clinical definition. I understand the mother’s fury, but her actions do nothing but discredit the real impetus behind AOC laws: to protect sexually undeveloped children from the predations of real pedophiles.

Relatedly, almost every scientific study I’ve seen has concluded that girls mature earlier than boys on a whole host of emotional and physical metrics. An 18 year old woman is more capable of choosing to be the lover of a 41 year old man than an 18 year old man is capable of choosing to go to war.

Apparently, the mother is a single mom. The girl grew up with no father. Well… wadaya expect? The odds that the daughters and sons of single moms grow up to be sluts and delinquents respectively are higher than they would be had they grown up in two-parent homes. The usual caveats about causality implied, I think most everyone, including the experts, agree that a mom+dad is better for kids than a mom alone. In that spirit, a vigorous public shaming of single moms is good for the children. So…

you suck, single moms! Way to be bad mothers! 😆

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