Another Feminist Myth Debunked: Women’s Sex Drive Is Not As Strong As Men’s

Feminists love to claim that women’s sex drive is as strong as any man’s. They assert this because it would be a blow against their crippled, withered ideology to accept that there is a sex-based difference in libido. Acceptance of this reality would also undermine a key tenet of left wing women’s studies programs that the crazy things men do for access to hot, young, slender women are motivated not by sexual urge but by “social conditioning” or power dynamics. And, in what is probably the most galling humiliation should the truth supplant establishment lies, it would silence the tankgrrl and slutwalker battle cry that they love to slut it up just as much as men, and can do so without suffering any of the trite emotional consequences which they have convinced themselves are nothing but a manufactured burden foisted on them by the patriarchy.

Too bad for feminists the science totally refutes their core beliefs. Across a slew of studies, the conclusion is unavoidable: men have stronger sex drives. Via Randall Parker over at Parapundit, the following study:

The sex drive refers to the strength of sexual motivation. Across many different studies and measures, men have been shown to have more frequent and more intense sexual desires than women, as reflected in spontaneous thoughts about sex, frequency and variety of sexual fantasies, desired frequency of intercourse, desired number of partners, masturbation, liking for various sexual practices, willingness to forego sex, initiating versus refusing sex, making sacrifices for sex, and other measures. No contrary findings (indicating stronger sexual motivation among women) were found. Hence we conclude that the male sex drive is stronger than the female sex drive. The gender difference in sex drive should not be generalized to other constructs such as sexual or orgasmic capacity, enjoyment of sex, or extrinsically motivated sex.

It’s been written on this blog before that a woman can be just as voracious in the sack as a man, as long as she is in bed with a man she desires. But discrete sexual voracity is not the same as generalized sexual appetite. Wise women know better than to confuse their unleashed libido in bed with a man they love for a lusty exuberance to do every inspiring member of the opposite sex within their visual field. The latter is the domain of men, and men alone.

Women have some preternatural sexual abilities and reservoirs in bed that many men would envy, like multiple orgasms and erogenous zones, but no woman, except the rarest outlier, experiences the clawing, wall-climbing, unrelenting horniness to mass pound brigades of complementary genitalia like men experience every moment of every day.

If you like your smartphones and Netflix and just about anything that is a grade above grass huts, it’s a good thing they don’t, either.

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