Another Game Concept Validated: Personality Is Adjustable

Many doubters of game, especially those of the determinist variety, like to assert that game, even if it has merit, is largely limited in scope to those men already born with the genes that give them personality characteristics — for instance, extroversion — suited for seducing women. Their thinking goes:

Game requires extroversion and charisma.

Extroversion and charisma are mostly heritable, genetically influenced traits.

ERGO, men without those advantageous pussy-slaying genes cannot learn or benefit from game.

CONCLUSION: only men born with “game genes” can run game successfully.

Coming from this blog, it might sound funny that I’m about to disprove the above logic sequence. After all, a fair amount of posting effort here is spent hammering the feelgood, empty-headed assertions of the “social conditioning”, cultural supremacy crowd and emphasizing the heretofore mostly unacknowledged or under-examined role that genes play in everything about us humans, from the way we look, to our personalities, to our predilection for impulsiveness and crime, to our sexual desire and our intelligence. (This study and this one are two examples of many.)

I do this because for generations the West has labored under the grand poobah of lies, the lie of blank slate ideology. This rancid ideology has brought more pain, death, distress and wasted resources upon its enthralled peoples than any other. The amount of self-delusion, demoralizing snark and frantic propaganda needed to sustain it is breathtaking.

Yet there is no such thing as absolute genetic determinism. Genes are probability, not destiny (credit: Razib). Genes explain a lot — more than most give them credit for — but they aren’t everything. Our genetic heritage has also imbued us with a talent for adaptation in the face of environmental flux and everyday challenges. Stressing the genetic component should not be construed as denying any environmental influence. I stress genes because they are ignored, deliberately or incidentally, by most everyone else, and especially by those who wield the media bullhorns, work in HR departments, grade papers in academia and make policy in legislative dens. My ASCII saber brings balance to the force.

Having acknowledged the power of genes, anti-gamers may wonder where I get off claiming men can learn to be better womanizers. Simple. Personality, moreso than looks or height or intelligence, is amenable to active efforts at change. Given that a man’s personality is at least as relevant as, if not more relevant than, his looks or wealth to attracting women, improving his personality so that he has a sexier, dominant vibe will redound to more sex and better relationships.

And this isn’t just evidence from personal experience, or observation of the experiences of others, speaking. Science is catching up to the field work of millions of aspiring players. Here is a study showing that military service will change a man’s personality.

“Be all you can be,” the Army tells potential recruits. The military promises personal reinvention. But does it deliver? A new study, which will be published in an upcoming issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, finds that personality does change a little after military service – German conscripts come out of the military less agreeable than their peers who chose civilian service.

It’s maybe a bit more than a coincidence that pickup teachers call their in-field classes “boot camps”. The military is a tough, strict regimen, and the personality changes measured are not huge. This should chasten betas new to the game that they are going to have to commit a lot of focused effort to pickup if they want to enjoy the pussy bounty that accrues to the smoothest operators. But at least now they know it can be done.

Here’s another study concluding that certain personality changes lead to more happiness, and that such change is possible.

People’s personalities can change considerably over time, say scientists, suggesting that leopards really can change their spots.

Psychologists from The University of Manchester and London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) also showed that small positive personality changes may lead to greater increases in happiness than earning more money, marrying, or gaining employment. […]

Lead author Dr Chris Boyce, from the University of Manchester’s School of Psychological Sciences, said: “We found that our personalities can and do change over time – something that was considered improbable until now – and that these personality changes are strongly related to changes in our wellbeing. […]

“Fostering the conditions where personality growth occurs – such as through positive schooling, communities, and parenting [ed: and game!] – may be a more effective way of improving national wellbeing than GDP growth.”

It’ll be difficult, but you can alter your personality from a less sexy one to a sexier one. From a boring one to a charismatic one. That’s really what game is — the active transformation of your personality from mundane to mesmerizing, based on a conceptual foundation derived from evolutionary biology and real world feedback that the male personality attributes which most women find sexually attractive are identifiable, objective and acquirable.

Before you untether yourself from reality with this joyous news, know that your genetic disposition will make game more or less taxing on you to learn and implement. If you are a natural introvert, expect your learning curve to be much steeper than it would be for an inborn extrovert. It really WILL be harder for some guys to learn game, let alone master it, than it will for other guys who were born with a more advantageous suite of personality traits. Life isn’t fair, so you have to be ready to accept that some men will be better at game, and better at it quicker, than you. But you shouldn’t allow this acceptance to sap your willpower, because regardless of the ease with which other men accomplish their goals, you can improve yourself.

For some men, their goals are racking up notch counts into the hundreds or thousands. For other men, their goals are enjoying a few flings on the side. Still others just want a girlfriend or a happier wife. Whatever the goal, the result is inarguable: giving men more choice in women. And that’s a good thing for both.

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