Are Messy Girls Easier Lays?

Reader “Trajan” opines:

You tweeted about sexual excitement lowering a women’s disgust reflex. Is there a corollary, that a women with a lower disgust reflex has a higher sex drive? More masculine perhaps. Anecdotally, chicks with messy bedrooms are easier lays than ones with well-organized bedrooms.

Female messiness — of her bedroom, her bathroom, her car, her finances, her thoughts — is a leading indicator of sexual looseness. Beam with expectant joy and grab your tumescent pride when you step into a girl’s roomful of clutter, because you, my friend, are about to rocket down orgasmic highways of limitless pleasure.

In my personal experience, there’s no doubt that messy girls are good to go. They love sex, and they love it sooner rather than later. The myth that clean freaks have a lot of repressed sexuality that will rain down on you once unleashed by some psychological schism is just that: a myth. Maybe they have repressed sexuality, but why would you want to volunteer your valuable time and energy coaxing it out of them? Skip the therapeutic endless foreplay required by anal annies and head straight for the sloppy janes.

It should go without saying that the qualities that make messy girls great lays also make them horrible girlfriends. Once you’ve tapped that a few times, you’ll be surprised how quickly you tire of her slovenliness. Disgust, while it is mitigated by sexual arousal, is still a goddamned powerful emotion. You want to lose a boner fast? Step on one of her used tampons in the bathroom that she tried to toss into the trashcan with her girly-armed throwing motion, but missed and didn’t bother picking up. This has happened to me. I spent fifteen minutes scrubbing the sole of my foot until it was raw.

And messy girls are high cheating risks. If she can’t be bothered to care about her living space, she won’t be bothered to care about pleasing you. She will be as sexually impulsive as she is spatially impulsive. A scatterbrained woman has a scatterbrained vagina.

It’s interesting to see science confirm what we all know intuitively and observationally. Women who live in squalor don’t exercise stringent self-control in other areas of their lives. Just try not to focus on the pile of skid-marked panties on her bed. It’ll kill the mood.

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