Nation, Meet Ruin

There’s a lot of ruin in a nation…unless your nation is a multiracial thunderdome hellbent on draining its coffers in a doomed quest to rescind thousands of years of human evolution so no one has to feel awkward about skewed test scores and wealth disparities. Then the ruin can happen in an instant. *** ps …

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Overheard In [Redacted]

Out of their sight but not my earshot, I overheard the following conversation between two late 20s-early 30s SWPL girls giggling about a man one of the girls recently dated. *** “Did you check him out?” “I googled him… got his accounts… {unintelligible}” [ed: silly me, thinking her question meant to ask if she looked …

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Chicks Dig Jerks In Every Way: The Science

One billion readers have sent me a link to this study proving the old Chateau maxim — and conventional wisdom before the feminists and their lapdogs seized control of the sophistry regurgitation emulator — that chicks dig jerks. Women choose bad boys because their hormones make them, new research suggests. When ovulating, a woman’s hormones …

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