Before And After: The Hilarity Of Self-Deception

Nothing better illustrates the destruction that fatness visits upon a woman’s attractiveness than before and after pics of her weight gain. A website has posted a bunch of these types of before and after shots and the results are stunning… stunningly depressing. Every single one of the girls went from highly bangable sexy tarts to asexual lumps of disfiguring blubber. (Note: A couple of the comparisons from that website are obvious photoshops.) Want to watch your boner deflate in fast forward? Check these:

A crying shame. For girls who are gaining weight, the uglification of their looks can sometimes take months or even years to register in their consciousness, because the change is relatively slow and thus more easily psychologically accommodated by their hamsters which are loathe to contemplate the true nature of the horrors they have committed against themselves. But when you put the thin and fat pics side by side the comparison is so stark there is no running from the cruel truth: these girls have destroyed their sexiness. They have become monsters. And the widespread (heh) existence of these monsters distorts the sexual market so badly that game becomes the only answer to successfully navigating it.

Female obesity is not just bad for women; it’s bad for men, too, who have to wade through tons of sunbathing walruses before finding the lean babe on the beach, competing furiously for access to her overpriced vagina. (Fat men are no great shakes either, but due to the nature of sex differences in attraction, fat men don’t suffer the same penalty in the dating market that fat women do.)

But that is not the primary message of this post. Check out this comment left by a putative girl named “janeway” at that website:

Yes, let’s see what junk food does to guys! Eating is not why these women got bigger. NOT eating and destroying their health and subsequently their metabolism in order to attain impossible standards is why they got bigger. And in most cases, hotter.

Is there a better example of self-contradictory nonsense than what is spouted in this comment? And it’s not the only one like it; that board is filled with similar comments extolling the virtues of fatness while chastising those who put up pictures of fat girls. “Janeway” is by no means an exceptional specimen of human inanity; the world is filled with women — and men whose testicles haven’t descended — who think just like her. Lies and ego-salving bromides come as easily to them as eating another piece of pie.

Let’s break down Janeway’s comment line by line, smirking sadistically as we do it.

“Yes, let’s see what junk food does to guys!”

This bold challenge implies that Janeway thinks fatness is repulsive. Premise established. Janeway knows that it would hurt the image of guys who bloated up from eating junk food, otherwise she wouldn’t have taunted the authors of the original post; a taunt, it should be noted, which was ended rather confidently with an exclamation point.

“Eating is not why these women got bigger.”

Janeway can string some words together, so we know she’s not clinically retarded. Therefore, she must know that eating a lot of bad food is how people get fat. Yet, her ego is so invested in denying this obvious reality when it’s women’s fatness that is the subject of scrutiny, that she has found refuge in blurting a blatant lie so ridiculous that it’s clear the lie was meant for her own psychological well-being than for any audience to consider on the merits.

“NOT eating and destroying their health and subsequently their metabolism in order to attain impossible standards is why they got bigger.”

Janeway apparently has convinced herself that people get fat from breathing air while trying to reach “impossible” standards that millions of people around the world manage to reach. Also note that Janeway admits the women got bigger.

“And in most cases, hotter.”

Ah, the coda to this excruciatingly insightful comment. Janeway believes, or rather, pretends to believe, that fatter means hotter. And yet she has admitted, directly or tacitly, in the previous three sentences that –

1. Eating a lot of junk food will make guys fatter and uglier.

2. The women did indeed get bigger.

3. The women got bigger because they destroyed their health and metabolism trying to reach impossible standards via a non-eating mechanism that eludes less open-minded scientists.

4. The impossible standards are desirable, otherwise women would not try to attain them.

5. And yet, given all the above premises, fat women are hotter than thin women.

Well, Janeway, if bigger is hotter, why are you so hopping mad to defend these fat chicks from judgment? Their hotness should be self-evident, no? Do you get mad when pictures of slender supermodels are posted on the web? No, of course you don’t. That is because you, Janeway, are filled to brimming with lies you tell yourself to forget the muffin top you sport that causes your belly shirts to constantly roll up so insouciantly.

Janeway = 100% dumbass. And 95% fat.

Janeway is just a prototype, a pawn for the purposes of this post. You could see this same infantile sewer logic expressed by just about any female commenter on any blog discussing fatness, sexual market value and universal, immutable beauty standards. It goes like this:


A is not fat and ugly.

Fat and ugly is actually beautiful.

I bet B is fat and ugly!

A got fat and ugly trying to be thin and beautiful.

No man likes anorexics.


And this same bizarro formula applies to other low sexual market value women and their nonsensical defenders. To wit:

Single momhood is not bad for my dating life.

The reason I’m not dating is because I’m careful about having men meet my bastard children.

Men don’t care that I have kids.

Men run when I tell them that I have kids because they are intimidated by confident single moms.

No, really, I’m OK with loveless one night stands.


I’m not a has-been cougar.

Men love sexually experienced older women.

I bet you can’t get anyone but has-been cougars!

Men who date younger women are intimidated by confident older women.

It’s good that I don’t have to play games anymore.


I’m not a slut.

Sluttiness is empowering.

Only low self-esteem sluts would fall for game.

All women are sluts by society’s impossible standards.

Girls don’t like judgmental men.


Self-deception: a renewable resource that actually increases the more you use it.

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