Birthday Cat, Meet Sign Language Gif

Replying to a girl’s coital-prepping sass with a wordless sign language gif is the zenith of zfg jerklordery.

Has Birthday Cat met his cooze-splooging match?


GIRL: and i was like ‘this guy is buying me drinks but what does he expect from me?’ and then he says blah blah blah….hey, you still there? i can’t meet tomorrow i have a cat neutering appointment but maybe we can try next week



GIRL: Did you do any of the acid?

GIRL: I did some coke last weekend and i couldn’t sleep

GIRL: I’ve lost like 15 pounds since you harrassively told me to lose weight



GIRL: How’s life?

YOU: Good

GIRL: Hmmmm ok

GIRL: I don’t mean to bother you

GIRL: Just saying hi

YOU: Okay

GIRL: We don’t need to play games. I get it you’re good. You’re just not interested. And I need to quit being a dumb female and leave you alone



YOU: I’ll see you at 7 tonight

GIRL: Oh hey I can’t. last minute stuff. We’ll talk soon!



GIRL: I really like you as a friend


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