BPD Women

A favored hatemachine lever recently latched onto by an assortment of bitterboys and ignoramuses is the assertion that the world is full of women with borderline personality disorder, and these BPD women are the ones that “PUAs” are bedding, (due to some confluence of psychological factors intrinsic to BPD).

It’s time for perspective. And truthfulness.

2% of the general population have BPD symptoms. 75% of that 2% are women.

This female BPD rate is about on par with the percentage of lesbian homosexuals in the population. Perhaps even lower.

So the “EASY BPD TARGETS” smear by inchoate anti-charisma haters is bullshit. The odds that only BPD women, and never psychologically sound women, consensually share the romantic company of free-lovin’ jerkboy charmers are very very low. The odds that jerkboy charmers are equally adept at charming the panties off psychologically sound women are much higher.

And this fact really sticks in the craw of a certain sect of mythologizers.

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