Comment Of The Week: American Dalit

COTW winner Mike writes,

Off topic, but I just finished watching Eastwood’s “American Sniper”. The fact that we live in a society which teaches our kids to idolize rappers and drug dealers, and yet I’d never even heard of this guy until today, depresses the shit out of me. It’s guys like THAT that we should be holding up to our kids as the ideal.

If anyone wants to know what a true Alpha looks like, that dude was it. From what I could see, his only flaw was that he was willing to go overseas and risk his life for a country that would have happily thrown him under the bus if he would have come back and said something to offend a fat, spoiled, worthless SJW feminist.

That kiss-off disclaimer at the end is the shiv that twists deepest. From what I know, Kyle was an honorable man… and that was his flaw. He was duty-bound to a corrupt elite and government that, not to mince words, hated his guts, and hates the guts of those like him.

One insurgent tactic to hit the enemy where it hurts is to turn the affections of the natural constituency of the US military — all those competent white men from the more vigorous remnants of the culture — against the idea that service to the traitors within is anything remotely honorable or brave. It is, quite the contrary, stupid. It’s very stupid to fight for effete pussyboys, grotesque feminists, and diversity quota ingrates sitting in cushy offices who work tirelessly day and night to put the heads of white men like Kyle on plates.

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