Comment Of The Week: The Manufactured Alpha Male

Days of Broken Arrows hits the solar plexus with his glaring insight:

I’ll take this a step further. If a man isn’t around to dominate a woman, a woman will find something else to control her. Her “crazy” schedule which is always overbooked (by her). The demanding boss. Her career in general. Her pets’ needs. An eating disorder. Etc.

If you’ve spent any time around careerist, childless SWPL chicks, you’ll know how they LOVE LOVE LOVE to fill their empty lives with happy hours, wine tasting events, language and cooking classes, animal shelter volunteer work, marathon training, book club administration, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, get-togethers discussing birthdays, anniversaries and reunions… fuck, they even set aside time to listen to their BFFs gripe about their asshole boyfriends. Their calendars are a pastiche of pastel-colored activity blocks. An unbooked schedule may as well be a black hole in her heart. The urban girl’s worst nightmare is having nothing to do but be alone with her thoughts. The horror! All these ultimately useless time fillers substitute for the presence of a masterful, dominating man who would normally be the unbendable, calming force giving meaning to her life. Unfortunately, the world is teeming with beta males who can’t compete with her true lord and master: the need to bitch about how much stress she’s under.

Left side of the bell curve chicks find their missing lord and master in cheesy poofs and meth and bastard spawn they can enroll in toddler whore pageants.


YaReally gets a runner-up nod because his comment made me chuckle.

Submissive girls like to be dominated because they’re submissive. Dominant girls like to be dominated because it’s so rare that a man CAN dominate them.

My natural buddy and I have done some pretty fucked up things to girls both in and out of the bedroom, just to see what we can get away with. It would blow most people’s minds what girls will do when you’re congruent with leading them.

The congruency is the key. Chicks will test to see if you’re full of shit or not. But if you’re congruent with being their master, to your core, the floodgates open. A big part of it is 1) understanding that women are sexual creatures and 2) not judging them for it.

I have literally shit on a girl lol and that’s not the worst thing I’ve done. It’s pretty hard to take the uppity “treat me like a lady and consider my opinion” types seriously after you’ve crossed certain lines lol and they can sense that.

I don’t think this blog will ever reach mainstream respectability as long as I continue posting stuff like this. And that’s a point of pride. Winning!

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