Double Standards

You hear it all the time from people who are getting shafted by reality.  “It’s so UNFAIR that guys get to do X with impunity while girls doing X suffer social stigma.”  They think by bitching like this and attempting to shame those who would live in harmony with double standards they can alter people’s behavior into something more to their liking (i.e., a non-status driven, non-materialistic, non-craven utopia of perfect loving LTRs where no one is left out and no one gets dumped and everyone has a soulmate and enough positive life-affirming experiences to share with their yenta friends in recipe-swapping blogs devoted to covering the fascinating minutiae of their funny, exciting, sexy, touching, poignant, growth-oriented lives.)

Then there are those who, when called out on their inconsistencies,
deploy a swarm of sophistry intended to obfuscate and deny the existence
of double standards because they are beneficiaries of them. 
Acknowledging these truths would mean coming to terms with the fact that
they, like everyone else, have at their core an animal nature.

Fuck that noize.  The truth of the matter is that double standards are necessary if you want to be halfway competent in your dealings with men and women.  As the author of “Looking Out for #1″ and “Winning Through Intimidation” wrote:

If you deny reality it will automatically work against you.*

Double standards are fixed features of life as a sexually reproducing
social organism.  The modern career woman is miserable because she is
constantly locking horns with men who won’t value her for her career
achievement as much as for her hourglass figure and bedroom skills,
while these same men admire and respect career dominance by other men. 
Her refusal to come to grips with this essential double standard
explains why so many hard-charging women have turned their backs on
their own femininity and lost the art of female coquettishness and
submissiveness.  Alpha men have responded by fucking and leaving these
domineering gender impostors for cute waitresses.  Betas have responded
in their own way — by assuming the doormat position and giving these
feminists *exactly* what they claim they want.

The same goes for sluts.  A man who sleeps with many women gets high
fives from his buddies and sexual interest from girls who can’t help
their burning loins.  But girls who sleep around are socially
ostracized, used by men and shunned by women.  It has always been and it
will always be as long as a woman has 400 eggs to a man’s
nearly infinite number of sperm.  Parents will treat their sons and
daughters differently when dispensing advice on how to deal with the
opposite sex and all the harpies with their multiple humanities degrees
shrieking equalist platitudes to the high heavens will never change
this.  It’s one thing to bloviate from a comfy tenured perch while your
lesbian lover sucks ben wa balls out of your cooch from under the desk;
it’s quite another to entrust the welfare of your children with the
twisted lies of the Bitterati.

*pretty girls have some leeway with this rule. (at least for a while. heh.)

A handy pocket guide to the most common double standards:

male slut = lothario
female slut = desperate

male CEO = alpha
female CEO = bitch

male model = silly
female model = alpha

male nerd = loser
female nerd = cute

young male death = statistic
young female death = tragedy

male nurse = beta
female nurse = agreeable

male stripper = clown
female stripper = desirable

male sports star = role model
female sports star = butch

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