Fat, Sloppy Women Are Bad For Morale

Unkempt, slovenly, fat women aren’t just boner killers. They also kill group morale. From a story about four Secret Service executives demoted in the wake of repeated failures involving White House intrusions.

Look, Secret Service always had a mystique about them. Looking good and being fit. Physical appearances mean something. Female director, whatever. She wasn’t attractive, she was overweight and [governmental and public affairs chief] Jane [Murphy] was worse. Jane was sloppily dressed, never a good physical appearance. Jane was a terrible dresser, Janet Napolitano was commissioner and it is what it is, people look the way they look. To me, Brian Stafford was director. Eljay Bowron. These guys were statuesque, decent looking, fit guys who prided themselves on appearance. I think Julia did what she could with what she had but if you look at who she brings to the Hill and meetings, they really didn’t represent the Service well.

Beauty is truth, in more ways than are at first obvious to the naked eye. A nation that has swallowed the swill of LGBTWSUQCOCKSUCK crassness and diversity bullshit will glorify cranks and degenerates under a banner of faaaairrrrness, as competence and group cohesion suffer because winners don’t want to be associated with losers.

The Secret Service had pride of purpose, then the freak parade gained power and stuffed their ranks with grotesque bulldykes and flaming fairies and trash world mystery meats, and… surprise surprise!… the white alpha male core of the Secret Service lost their esprit de corp. As morale eroded, random drunks began waltzing through the front door of the Selma House.

This is the real world. The losers had better know their place soon, before the whole structure collapses under the weight of their plus-sized grievance whoring. Because when the shit really hits the fan, the winners may decide it’s not worth saving the spotted asses of the misfits who spent their whole lives chainsawing the institutions the winners built and successfully manned.

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