First Principles

First principles are the bark of a man’s soul, in both senses of the word “bark”. Betray your first principles for expedient negotiation, and you’ll pay a costly tribute for your cowardice later.

Along this theme, commenter Trainspotter writes,

ho: “that anti white goyism isn’t the only thing at work”

It might as well be. Everything else pales in comparison, or is a mere offshoot of the essential anti-white nature of the current ruling orthodoxy. For example, the “war on men” is really a war on whites. The real target is white men, and more broadly Western civilization. That non-white men are also harmed is more collateral damage than anything else. They were never the real target.

To put it in, shall we say, less than scholarly terms, I’d order the importance of various issues more or less as follows: first and foremost, the racial issue. Then a pile of shit. Then another pile of shit. Then everything else.

That’s why leftists can tolerate dissent on almost any issue, save race. [ed: and feminist victimhood/empowerment (nevermind the contradiction)] Oppose any of their other pet projects, and sure, they won’t like you. But oppose them on the racial issue, and they go insane with hatred and rage. Their heads spin around and explode. And even when they go nuts on another issue, it’s almost always because it ties in with an important racial angle or consequence.

Race is the decisive point on the battlefield. That’s why when conservatives gave up on the racial issue a few decades ago, and re-branded themselves as “color blind,” the current fiasco was baked into the cake. Once the anti-whites won on that single issue, they were inevitably going to win on pretty much everything else, given time. And they have.

Separation is the only solution.

Well said. “””Conservatives””” abandoned their first principle when they caved to the lie of color blindness. Once they turned their backs on the truth of essentialist race differences, they doomed themselves to lose every battle to follow. In Heartistian terms, they tried to save their skins by sacrificing their scrotums. That never works. And, as history has shown since that seminal self-betrayal, and continues showing, the leftoid Hivemind juggernaut steamrolls the American culture and flattens it into its preferred shape: two-dimensional. The scalped ballsacks of their conservative suckups swing from lampposts against the gray skies.

It would’ve been the harder path for conservatives, but sticking to the first principle of the immutable disparities of the races would have spared a brighter future for the nation. They would not have spent the last six decades in the defensive crouch, squealing like stuck pigs.

Other first principles:

A government’s first principle is defense of the territory in which its citizens live and thrive, and guardianship of the borders against the invasion of races dissimilar from the race of the founding and creating native stock of the nation.

A man’s first principle as regards his interaction with women is to act as if he is spoilt for choice, even when his choices objectively fall short of limitlessness.

A woman’s first principle is to favor her procreative capacity over all other concerns.

Betray these first principles. and any short-term consilience won will in due time become corrupted, and then reconstituted by your enemies into spears aimed at your heart. Oftentimes, the spear will be wielded against you by your own hands.

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