From Pickup To Date To Pull: The Full Video

Not too long ago there was a post on Justin Wayne and his videotaped day game pickup. The more skeptical viewers wanted to know if Wayne is able to get anything more going with the girls he meets in public, like a date or sex. In answer to that, he’s got another video out which shows him meeting a girl, picking her up, going on a date with her, and taking her home. Outside of actually standing there watching him slip the chocobar into her snatch, I don’t think you could ask for better evidence of the effectiveness of game. But see for yourself.

It’s a long video, so you might want to take some time today to plow through it, like you would a recalcitrant lawyer chick. The meat of the video begins at the 7:00 minute mark. There’s a lot to discuss here, so I’ll throw this to the readership and let you guys hash it out. I’ll make a few points about things that stood out to me:

At 8:00, he uses the “innocent bystander” opener, and asks for directions. The open is from the front. No catching up to her required.

At 8:45, watch for the AMOG by the flower guy. Handled the best way — with a firm no.

At 9:24, she tries to disengage, but he neutralizes it by agreeing with her (“I understand what you need…”) and then just plows into another topic. Her focus is successfully redirected.

At 10:02, the girl is suspicious of his age and demands his ID. This rarely happens, but in those rare times it does, if you are concerned about your privacy, you should carry a fake ID. Anyhow, “logical” demands like these are mostly an Eastern Euro girl phenomenon. Wayne deflects superbly by offering a quid pro quo hug in exchange for the ID. She drops the subject. Shit test passed.

At 10:31, Wayne gives her his glasses to try on. I wouldn’t have done this. I’d be worried that a Ukrainian chick would run off with them.

At 10:35, she fishes for a compliment. Beta bait! Wayne replies “Wow, you look sooo….” Nice neg!

General observation: This chick is shit testing a lot. I’ve found it to be the case that East Euro girls will be incredibly bitchy when you first meet them, but if you pass their tests, they warm up quickly.

11:40: The bounce. This is important to make a girl feel like she’s known you longer than she has. AKA time compression.

12:22: “and if you like eating healthy…” Nice little qualifier.

12:56: “She’s white?” Slavs are refreshingly frank about race. American SWPLs, take note.

13:55: His persistence pays off. She follows his lead. Insta-date!

15:50 onward: This is actually kinda romantic.

General observation: She’s making what seem like a lot of demands of him (“Show me your music style”, “show me this thing”, etc), which can be construed as shit tests, qualifiers, or indicators of interest. I like to call these kinds of girls Show Me Sassies. You have to be careful not to comply too often with a Show Me Sassy, or she’ll lose interest to find a more challenging man.

17:26: Contrast is king!

18:00: Interesting that she’s confessing her (rational) fear of ghetto black guys to… a black guy.

At 19:14, Wayne asks “Why do you want to see me again?” Always assume the sale.

At 19:20, she demurs rather coldly. Most beta males would have crumbled into dust after hearing this.

19:23, she punches him in the shoulder. Major IOI. This is girlcode for attraction. Runaway attraction that must have its pressure released.

20:08, escalate the kino. By whatever means necessary.

20:53, kiss compliance test passed. She is now invested in him, and will be more pliable going forward. Her hamster has awakened from its slumber and has been kicked into rationalization mode by the kiss she planted on his cheek. Herein, she will look for ways to explain to herself why she’s falling for this guy. “Kiss tests” are very effective at flipping the seduction script so that the girl is chasing, or perceives that she is chasing.

General observation: Wayne flirts a lot. “As we hold hands, you’re going to start feeling some magic…” Flirting should be like breathing; you never want to think about it, and you never want to stop doing it.

Around 21:30, he’s hitting her up with a slew of beauty compliments. Rewards for her compliance, or cloying supplication? Stay tuned!

At 22:45, they go on a “day 2″. (Formally known as an “actual date”.) Is she wearing the same pants? She must like the way they flatter her butt. I predict sex.

23:30, intimate moments. I wonder how he arranged the camera in that scene?

General observation: Wayne shows confidence in his allure, bordering on sociopathic overconfidence, and as science proves that is the catnip to women that they can’t resist, the male ALPHA ATTITUDE that trumps all other male attractiveness traits except fame or immense wealth. If you don’t have this attitude, picking up girls will always feel like an uphill slog to you. If you have this attitude, pickup will feel as easy and familiar as riding a bike.

The last six minutes of the video feature his students doing practice pickup attempts. There’s some useful stuff, so watch till the end.

PS In order to avert a predictable and repetitive shitstorm, you will be limited to one race comment. Make it count!

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