Gay Bars are Great Pick Up Joints

…for straight men.  It’s not usually what guys think of when they’re
choosing happy hunting grounds, but the gay bar has many advantages
going for it that the typical hetero bar does not.  The key is to limit
your forays to the dainty side to informally gay bars. 
These are the establishments that don’t attempt to skirt
anti-discrimination laws with “no high heels” door policies intended to
keep women out.  Gay guys go to these bars in numbers exceeding random
distribution, but the overall vibe is ambiguous.  Along with the gays,
you will find many women and a few straight men, as well as question
marks.  If you are a young, reasonably good-looking straight man you
will not feel uncomfortable walking into this kind of place.

Formally gay bars, while not designated as such in
the strict legal sense, are widely known to be hangouts specifically
catering to gay men.  Straight men and lesbians never step foot in these
places.  Straight women will occasionally patronize the hardcore gay
bar, but the practice is frowned upon by the regulars.  If you are a
young, reasonably good-looking straight man and you walk into one of
these bars you will feel like a rape victim waiting to happen.  All eyes
will be on your crotch.  You will feel urges to slouch and conceal your
pecs with crossed arms and to avoid eye contact with anyone.

Most straight men live in deathly fear of their masculinity being
questioned and so will never think to seek out a pick up location that
features more than a tiny coterie of token gays.  But these are exactly
the venues that afford the best opportunities for picking up women. 
Let’s examine the evidence:

  • Straight women number almost as many as would be found in a straight
    bar, especially at the beginning of the night when they are getting
    warmed up.
  • Considerably fewer straight men (the competition) than would be found in a straight bar.
  • The flirtations of the gay men are kept in check by the ambiguous ambience; they can never be sure who is gay and who isn’t.
  • Gays bring enthusiastic fun fun fun wherever they go.  Their
    infectious fun germ lifts the spirits of all the women, making your job
    of amping up their emotional state a lot easier.  It’s a piece of cake
    to open a woman who is all smiles and giggles rather than one with a
    dour look and her back turned to the entire room.
  • You can fly under the radar.  She’ll assume you are gay on your
    approach.  Defensive shields down, thermal exhaust port in sight.
  • Gay guys provide lots of situational opener material with their antics and overwrought drama.  Example: I
    think that guy just flashed his boob at me.  I feel like a piece of
    meat.  I can tell you’re really enjoying having the tables turned on us
  • All the gayness will magnify in comparison the dangerous sexiness of
    your straight male presence.  The harmless and safe fun of the gays
    will make her vulnerable to your predatory aura.
  • The gay guys will social proof you, in a way.  While it’s not as
    good as being seen with an attractive woman, a gay man telling everyone
    in earshot what a juicy hunk of beefcake you are is bound to elicit some
    feelings of intrigue in the girls you’d like to impress.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the male-female
ratio in your venue of choice will determine your success at hooking up
more than any other factor besides the skill level of your game.  How
many times have you noticed in bars where the men heavily outnumbered
the women the 5s and 6s behaving with the haughtiness of 9s and 10s? 
Artificially inflated demand is never a good quality in women.  But gay
guys throw all that out of whack.  When half the men aren’t
remotely sexually interested in the women their market price takes a
nosedive.  If you are really good, you can enlist a gay guy who has a
crush on you to wing for you.  Just keep him guessing that one day you
might convert. 

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