Ghost Girl

What do you do with a girl who’s gone ghost on you? Answering the question, a reader supplies a text exchange he had with a ghost girl.


Please use my e-mail in your blog, if necessary, just for a comedic release.

After meeting a girl at Tinder, getting her number, and texting for a bit, she went ghost. I decided to use a tactic and text her a week later with this interesting conversation.

Short, sweet, to the point,

Background info: beauty salonist, self-proclaimed beauty fanatic, high maintenance poss, has nice curves, has fiesty shallow personality. Until today.

Very broadly, there are three ways you can reply to a sex prospect who’s stopped communicating for no apparent reason.

1. Beta. (80% of men are totally gameless)

“Hey, remember me, Frodo Baggins? We talked about ice cream and kittens. You still interested in continuing our scintillating chat?”

2. Alpha. (Game savvy)

Examples abound. See non sequitur game or reverse eavesdropping game.

3. Asshole. (Accidental game)

The reader’s texts above are a classic demonstration of asshole game.

Ordering the three tactics above by their effectiveness:

Alpha (game savvy) > Asshole (no fucks given accidental game) > Beta (zero game having).

Yes, you read that right. You’ll have more success prodding a ghost girl to reengage by telling her “fuck you that’s who it is” than you will by beseeching her to remember the time you two spent together in a chat box one week ago.

Don’t misconstrue. Total Asshole game isn’t ideal. There are better ways to unsilence a will-o’-the-whore than nuking her Casper hamster from orbit. But, if you just want to entertain yourself while keeping the chance for a sex match higher than the betaboy average, and you are an everlovin’ narcissist who preens at the idea of passing the Jumbotron Test with flying colors, then Total Asshole is a legitimate means of masculine expression. Just don’t be surprised if it works.

PS I’m sure the CH audience is curious what happened after he sent the last text. Update?

PPS Did everyone notice how many words Rachel used in her reply to his “FU” flip-off? That, my friends, is what is known in the business as a twat tell. She was indignant……. with LURRRRRRVVV.

PPPS In a culture in which the sex market effectively functions as if there exists a decided sex ratio advantage for women (as it currently does in America), the return on Total Asshole Game will be much higher than it would be in a more level flaying field. Bonus shivs for the commenter who best explains the reason for this social phenomenon. (Hint: Abundance mentality.)

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