Goading Girls Into Testing You

The shit test — primarily used by women, as so few men shit test women — is much maligned by aspiring seducers and beta chumps. Players have devised countless tactics for recognizing and neutralizing shit tests so that they are not blown out of approaches. But what if I told you shit testing from women is ESSENTIAL to building attraction with them? That, in fact, a pickup attempt that is missing any shit testing from the girl is likely to fail.

Think of shit tests as female indicators of interest. A girl who is sweet and nice and cordial with you is a girl who doesn’t find you charismatic enough to sleep with. To her, you are just another pleasant herb in a sea of herbs who deserves nothing more than her tritest courtesies. Only a fledgling sexual attraction or curiosity can inspire a girl to shit test you, and once she is shit testing and experiencing the thrill of your acumen at passing her shit tests, her attraction begins to liquefy her panties.

Knowing this, you should regard shit tests as a peculiarly female predilection you WANT to provoke, rather than an annoyance you want to avoid. Once you start a girl shit testing, the end game of sex will materialize on the not-too-distant time horizon. It’s yours to lose once she begins her attempts to push your buttons.

Naturally, you may wonder how the average man is supposed to provoke a girl into shit testing him. There are many ways to do this, including outrageous dress, cocky demeanor, flashy jewelry, douchey accoutrements, offensive comments, jealousy plotlines, stupefying openers (see: Horse Girl) and mixed set merges. A simple way to goad a shit test is to be an average-looking guy hitting on a hot babe. After her surprise wears off (she’s not used to it), her instinct will be to test the average-looking guy for traces of the alphaness that he tacitly implies with his bold, uncommon approach. And so for her, because in general a man’s looks don’t factor as much in a woman’s measure of his sex appeal, it becomes of paramount urgency that she tease out his alpha status by fucking with his frame and subconsciously analyzing his reaction.

If you pass her tests, she opens the doors for you to move on to the next phase of her seduction.

Sift through the debris of the comment section and you’ll come across gems like this one from YaReally:

An alpha and a beta walk into a bar wearing ridiculous fuzzy hats. People make fun of both of them to their faces.

The beta feels dumb and makes excuses for wearing his hat and ends up taking it off later in the night because he’s embarrassed.

The alpha laughs and feels bad for anyone who makes fun of his hat because they obviously don’t understand how awesome it is, the poor fuckers.

Peacocking, negs, Horse Girl openers, etc. are all just ways of goading girls into shit-testing you so you can demonstrate that their shit-tests don’t phase you, which is what builds attraction (if you don’t fail her shit-test, you probably don’t fail the rest of the world’s shit-tests). If you’re a nice guy, you don’t get shit-tested, so you don’t get to demonstrate whether they’ll fluster you or not, so you don’t build attraction and stand there wondering why the asshole keeps getting the girl.

Once you fully understand this concept, pickup becomes a lot less complicated. …and a lot more fun. […]

Horse Girl builds way more attraction than most openers because it actively goads the girl into shit-testing him and lets him display his alphaness. There are a lot of deep concepts fused into that opener that most guys reading can’t see because they’re still reading the surface level words and don’t really understand how attraction works…yet. :)

This is the proper way to think of the old school PUA advice to stand out from the crowd. Extra tight tees, magic tricks, negs, teasing, pebbles, crazy openers, props and even assholery are best thought of not as a status boosting signal among men, but as a springboard off which women can flirt with you and test your grace under pressure. This is the key to building attraction from nothing.

Men look at hot women and we want. Women look at men and they want to know if they want. Give them the excuse they need to explore your desirability.

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