Guess The Supporters’ Presidential Candidate

Commenter jackmcg came up with a clever parlor game.

Want to test your phrenology skills? [ed: minor quibble, but technically, this would be testing your physiognomy skills]

I looked at the hashtags for each presidential candidate, and grabbed the profile pictures of 10 supporters for each. 5 women and 5 men. I took the first ten that I saw, so it’s as random and unbiased as I could make it.

So which supporters go with which candidate? Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Kasich, Cruz.

Anyone who wants to try I’ll let you know if you get it right.

Click on it for a larger, clearer view.

Fun stuff! Here are my guesses:

Group 1: Kasich or Cruz

They look pretty conventional, middle America, nice White lady vibe from the women, and cuck vibe from the men.

Group 2: Trump

Men aren’t smiling, have that shitlord look to the eyes. UNCUCKED. The women look like they enjoy the company of men.

Group 3: Cucksich or Cruz (leaning Cruz)

Sunglasses, military, flag shirt, guitar. The men are good ol’ boys. The women look friendly but also a little mentally unstable. Possible religious nuts?

Group 4: Sanders

Men: Baseball hats, beards/goatees, and that Quentin Tarantino-ish faggotry about the face. Women: exotics, cat ladies, and art and crafts hippies.

Group 5: TheCunt

The men are all weird-looking omegas, and one of them is doing something stupidly ironic in his profile pic (sipping on an iced coffee). The women look like manjawed lawyercunts and sluts. Two of them are wearing “problem glasses”.

You can find the answers here., along with PA’s 5/5 winning picks and reasoning behind each one. I’ll give myself 4.5/5. The sexually de-polarized manjaws and omega males were the easiest; those are Hillary folk!


141 thoughts on “Guess The Supporters’ Presidential Candidate”

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