Her Opinion is of No Consequence at All

the event I ever feel compelled to ask a girl I am dating for her
opinion on aspects of me that relate to my attractiveness to women in
general, I always take into account the balance of power in our
relationship.  If she perceives her value to be lower than mine, true or
not, then I know not to expect an objective, unbiased opinion from her
when discussing those things that might enhance my sexual marketability.

One such subject matter is fashion.  In an age when women are
abandoning their natural calling to nurturing, monogamous relationships
with reliable providers for the player lifestyle of serial flings
practiced by men, the modern man has learned to accept that an
eye-catching sense of style is an increasingly important tool in his
efforts to sell himself to women.  But straight men are so far behind
the fashion curveball that they have had to turn to the women in their
lives for advice on how to dress seductively.  They usually turn to
girlfriends.  This is a mistake.

No girlfriend has ever given me a straight answer on anything that
wasn’t distorted in some way by her fear of losing me to another
woman.  If I’m shopping for new clothes with a girl who is really into
me, she’ll do her best to frump me out in baggy button down shirts a
size too large and in formless Hanes Beefy T’s.


From her perspective, this makes perfect sense.  She is emotionally
invested in me so the last thing she wants is for me to look good enough
to other women to be a flight risk.  It will only make her more
insecure having to deal with the flirtations of boyfriend-stealers.  If
you have one of these girls in your life, don’t expect her to ever
approve of that tight designer shirt tailored to accentuate your
masculine ‘V’.  Your best bet is to go shopping with girl buddies who
secretly harbor an infatuation with you.  They will act out their
fantasies through the clothes they make you try on.     

Your other option is to date girls who think they are higher value
than you.  This type of girl will actually work to make you look better
because so much of her validation is wrapped up in how others judge her
choice in boyfriend.  The trade-off is that you’ll be dating a
self-absorbed princess.  But at least you’ll look good.

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