How To Handle Girls Making Sexual Taunts

Commenter walawala, emboldened by his coolasfuck game victory, drops another pitch-perfect, two-word rub against the female rationalization hamster grain.

A girl I’m banging regularly recently had her birthday. I sent her a photo I’d taken of her smoking…and looking ridiculous

Her: Please don’t masturbate to that

Me: Try harder

Volley returned deep to the corner, with a little bit of english.

The sexual taunt is a staple of sassy ingenues. It’s a power move to regain courtship hand. (In this day and age, sex usually precedes courtship, like putting the tart before the borscht.) Women instinctively know all their power, and hence their ability to satisfy their needs, resides in their sexuality. Some women know this so well that they use their sex as a weapon or a diagnostic, to procure good feels or to test for stress fractures in their sexual dominance.

It pleases a woman very much to ply supplication to, or acknowledgement of, her sexual power from a man who is banging her, because a (pre-married) woman also instinctively fears, and not without some rationale, abandonment or a disillusioned lover after her gully has been sullied. This fear is heightened when she chooses sexy players to bed her, implicitly grasping the SMV-adjusted risk-reward equation that governs the fulfillment of her lust.

“Please don’t masturbate to that” could be read, then, as “please validate the continued power of my allure” or, more mischievously, as “let’s see if you’re a rock-ribbed alpha who can deflect my punches or a lily-livered beta who folds like a cheap lawn chair under pressure”.

None of this analysis matters except as an academic exercise, or a parlor trick to rattle pesky party girls. All you need to know, as a budding player, is how to reply to a woman’s sexual taunts. Walawala gave a great example of a reply that hits the right notes. It’s that same formula CH guests have come to know and love: Disqualify the girl, present yourself as a challenge to be won over by her, and leave the door slightly ajar to your attainability. In essence… FLIP THE SCRIPT.

This is by no means the only effective response to a woman’s sexual taunt. Agree&Amplify works well, too.

“Please don’t masturbate to that”

“Too late. I’m jizzing as we speak. Round 5!”


“Please don’t masturbate to that”

“Can’t get your mind off my penis, eh?”

I hope this post has been sufficiently provocative to twist the knickers of both feminists and white knights. Those two! I always knew there was something between them.

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