How To Play The Preselection Game

Commenter Meet Isolate Escalate has a game question dealing with preselection.

Has anyone ever purposefully met up with a good looking girl to demonstrate value to someone (another potential) he knows will be present?

Yes, but then what usually happens is a redirection of my attention to the good-looking girl I’m using as a prop. The burdens of being a man!

I can easily pull this off in such a manner that not only am I meeting with a hottie (flaky one from the past that I barely trust) just to see what she says, but I can double it up with social value on a much younger girl. Is there a caution or precaution that I must take with this situation?

Studies have consistently shown that female preselection makes a man more attractive to women. The inverse is not true. (Other men are not more attracted to the homely girlfriends or wives of high status men.)

Therefore, preselection is a valuable weapon in a man’s arsenal of seduction. When you can leverage it, do so.

The rules of the preselection game are simple.

1. Be seen with high SMV (sexual market value) girls, preferably younger hotter tighter than your designated target(s).

2. Be opaque about your female company’s relationship with you.

3. Know when to discharge your preselection pawn for your primary lust interest.

4. Don’t be obvious about it.

Rule number 1 is the most fluid. If your targets are typically 2s (waysa?), then your PPs (preselection pawns) needn’t be hotties. You can achieve the same effect with 3s on your arm. Preselection even works with PPs who are equally attractive (or unattractive) as your targets. The only scenario where PP won’t work, (and in fact you’ll hurt your chances more than if you had gone out alone), is when your PP is much uglier than your targets. Don’t expect to raise many inquisitive hottie eyebrows with a fat chick by your sides.

(The use of the word “target” is designed to infuriate those tradcon readers who bristle at the efficient reduction of women into jargony set pieces.)

Rule number 2 is easy enough. When asked, allude to your PP as “a very close friend”. Leave it at that. If pressed, strike a pose of indignation. “Are we playing the 20 Questions game already?” If pressed further, accuse her of jealousy. Congratulations, you are now officially being chased by a woman. Life just got a lot easier.

Rule number 3 is the most difficult to master. You should have established nonverbal cues with your PP to notify her when it’s time she makes a graceful exit. Don’t be afraid of coaching a PP on what to say (chicks love this sort of manufactured matchmaker drama). Have her leave you with flourish. I like to have PPs call me by a nickname flush with sexual innuendo, so that the girl I’m with has a reason to ask what it means. For example:

PP: “See you around, Golden God.”

Girl: “Why did she call you Golden God?”

The Sexorcist: “Who knows. Gratitude?”

Naturally, there will be times (most times, if experience tells) when your PP will be in the dark about your true intention to utilize her as a walking pheromone for attracting other women. If you have invited your PP under false pretexts, then Rule 3 won’t be a cooperative venture; you’ll be on your own taking the initiative to dismiss yourself from your PP’s company so that you can spend quality time with your target.

WARNING: If your PP harbors an unresolved desire for you, perfunctorily dismissing her to be with another woman carries the risk of one, two or all combatants making a scene. A scene can work in your favor, but not if you’re a beta newb. I have seen betas chew off more drama than they can digest, and the results are hilarious. “Stampeded underfoot” is a term that comes to mind.

Anyhow, the proper method for extracting yourself from your duped PP’s company is… slip out the back.

Not really kidding. This will work. Once. After that, your PP may be reticent to go out with you.

So, an exit with the long view in mind:

Get cozy with your target. Touch, smile, gaze. Any PP who previously accompanied you and who isn’t a social cripple will catch the flirty signals and leave you two alone. If you feel bad about abandoning your PP, use her impending discomfort as an opportunity to swap numbers with your target and leave her wanting more, providing the handy excuse that your “friend” has to be someplace else and you promised to go with her.

(FYI, PPs can also be on-the-fly, which is a worthy topic best left for another post.)

Rule number 4 is the most important rule to get right. If it’s apparent to everyone with a woman’s IQ that you’re really interested in some other girl than the one you have with you, the ruse will falter. You’ve got to at least put up a decent front that your hottie pawn is with you not as a courtesy, but as a mysterious friend who may or may not be your lover. If your pawn bolts as soon as she sees some other dude, or you dump her at the first sight of your target, the game is likely to unravel. Play the full board. This is a marathon through very scenic countryside, not a foot race through the red light district.

I hope this helps, young Pantywan. May the pudendum rise to meet you, may your thrust be ever at her crack.

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