How To Prevent A False Rape Accusation

Max from Australia writes,

“what’s the best strategy to prevent a FRA when leaving her place”

Borrow $10 from her in the morning – she will text you later that day asking for it back faster than the debt collectors at Mastercard….keep that text and give her back the $10 in a public place with CCTV..

Yes, saving text messages has proven to be an effective means of protection against malign women on the false rape make.

”or start prattling like a beta to make her want him to just go away and completely out of her life?”

Stage a fake Asthma attack and ask her to drive you to the’ll never hear from her again.

Heh. As fun as this sounds, it’s also a lot of work just to prevent a low-risk FRA blindside. A cheaper — in terms of time and energy spent — alternative is to do the bare post-coital minimum of chivalrous behavior that would avert the disaster of sending psychologically fragile crazies over the edge into Regret Rape fantasia. That means, stick around until the morning. Don’t dodge out at 2AM. Tell her you had a great time, and you’ll keep in touch, even if you don’t mean it. Try to be careful about parading your other girl around the day after, if you all live in the same neighborhood. Don’t remind her that she was “SOO drunk last night.” Don’t hop on the video game console after you’ve jizzed in her general direction. And, most importantly, don’t get tangled up with nutty whores who religiously follow Lena Dunham on Twitter.

An ounce of prevention is worth a town of pound!

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