Identifying The Self-Centered Girl

BD writes:

[W]hen I first learned of game, I saw the videos of these dudes and thought what fags these dudes looked like! I wondered if these feminine-sounding PUAs actually liked the women or they were just playing a fun game like dress-up or doll-house.

A few posts back I submitted a link to a study that showed how women talk can reveal how self-centered they are (I can’t find or remember link right now) by using “I” so much. Ex. Upon asking them what the weather will be like tomorrow, they could say, “It will be cold,” or they could say, “I don’t know; I think I heard on the television it would be cold.” The girl that answers the first way isn’t self-centered. The girl that answered the second way, using three instances of “I” is self centered. Watch a group of hot girls talk. What’s the first response each of them says after one of their friends says something? It’s, “I know, I know right!” Isn’t that a trip!

So, I can neg the group with this concept in a masculine way, but when I highlight the examples of how women answer questions to reveal their self-centeredness, I can go all gaylike on them and mimic their feminine responses. Win/Win.

People like to talk about themselves; it’s fun and it makes us feel happier. The problem with identifying the self-centered girl in any group is that there are so many of them. Where to begin? Most women are self-absorbed by nature; it comes with the territory when you are, biologically and hence psychologically, the more valuable sex. This is why women should never have been given the vote; when the world revolves around you, it’s not a huge rationalization leap to decide that the world owes you lots of gimmedats.

But there are girls who defy even the bounds of their own sex and exhibit a level of conceit and self-focus that would shock even a bar top dancing whore. It behooves the master hamster seducer (where all seductions must begin) to know who these girls are, for they can be your greatest ally if harnessed correctly, or your worst enemy if left untended.

Find out which girl in the group is the most self-centered by listening for overwrought first-person singular pronoun usage, but also by watching for which girl is constantly interrupting someone else’s conversation to interject her opinion or exclamation, or which girl is moving her body forward into the group’s center of mass to draw attention to herself. This is the girl who will assuredly cockblock you if you don’t take preemptive countermeasures. (Example: “Who brought their attention-seeking little sister along?”)

Unusually self-centered girls are narcissists par excellence, and they love “screening” men for their friends and playing matchmaker, when they aren’t actively stealing those men away from their friends. This eternal cycle of drama feeds their insatiable egos, for the girl who self-loves more than she loves has a paradoxically fragile ego that requires a steady injection of external validation to keep it respirating.

BD’s suggestion to neg the ego-driven girls by mimicking their female solipsism is an ancient craft, and one I’ve used many times. Girls love it when you make fun of their girl-isms, and this can be in the form of aping their words or their mannerisms (easy to do if you have observed enough girls socializing and have a handle on their gender’s peculiarities). This is another one of those rapport-building techniques that is so powerful it can be easily overdone. Just a little to spike buying temps, and not more, or you risk sounding like a clown. And a gay clown, at that.

Or you could dispense with all this keen psychological acumen, and just drop a killa line on a girl like the one my buddy uses on occasion: “Does this fine pocket square smell like chloroform to you?” 1% of the time, it works every time.

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