Justin Wayne: Direct And Indirect Street Game

I promised to do a review of Justin Wayne’s daygame video, because he is apparently a rising star in the proactive seduction subculture. (All life is a seduction, but only a few good men are proactive about the enterprise.) Wayne is an advocate of direct street game. In the video below, in which he demonstrates both direct and indirect game, you can see an example of his direct game starting at 2:25.

He makes his sexual intentions known up front, but then quickly “backtracks” with a nonsexual comment about her “artsy vibe”. (I will refrain from making jokes about chicks who major in philosophy and their sexual predilections.)

He uses a classic time constraint at 3:22.

He initiates kino (at 3:25) much sooner than most men would feel comfortable doing, and holds it for a long time. Critically, he defuses the inherent tension in prolonged kino (with, keep in mind, a total stranger on the street) by engaging in small talk. This is “contrast is king” type of game. As the liner notes to the video explain, her forebrain is logically engaged while her hindbrain is emotionally engaged.

At 3:41, he throws out a compliance test, which she obliges, thus establishing his dominance (girls love to be led).

At 3:48, he verbalizes the fact that he approached a girl on the street and notes its inherent strangeness; playful verbalization of outrageous seduction tactics can help deflect a girl’s suspicion and fear, and decrease the odds she will later flake.

At 4:05 onward, he shifts into persistence game, which is hard to pull off if you aren’t rock solid confident and congruent with it (a lot of men will cave way to early in the process, thus blowing themselves out). Persistence game is dangerous; it can EASILY come off as creepy and needy if you don’t know how to do it right. When I think of persistence game gone bad, I think of drunk frat boys forcing themselves on recalcitrant girls, not taking the hint, and then insulting the girls when they get blown out.

At 5:00, he contrasts his bold kiss maneuver with some neutral, nonsexual small talk again (this gambit reduces the risk that she will perceive him as a player.)

5:47 — “ANYway…” I don’t like the way she said “anyway”, harsh and staccato. It sounds like she’s punctuating a desire to get away.

5:50 — Or not. She gives him her number. But is this an expedient, insincere number close, or a genuine desire to get in touch again? I can’t really tell without seeing her facial expression up close. Would love to know the follow-up to this.


This is great game for natural extroverts. If you approach ten chicks this way on the street each week for one month, I guarantee you WILL get laid, even if you’re short and below average in looks. But I suspect a lot of my readers are natural introverts, so they probably shuddered at the thought of doing what Wayne did to pull that chick. I’m not going to sugarcoat this for you wallflowers; if you’re an introvert, it’s going to be extraordinarily taxing on your psyche to direct game girls the way Wayne does. 1,000 approaches might help you control your fear and anxiety, but it won’t ever get rid of it. Introverts who use direct approaches are quite literally warring against their own brains. An introvert has to control not just the girl’s perception of him, but his own perception of himself.

I really don’t expect introverts to do this type of direct game with ease, or with any regularity. I think for them, indirect daygame is the way to go, and Roosh’s “elderly chat” system of warming up a girl in conversation is better suited for the natural introvert who balks at doing direct sexualized approaches. Unfortunately for introverts, success in game is going to require some amount of stressful social interaction with random girls. The days of waiting for your extended family to set you up with a girl who works at your mom’s friend’s cousin’s office are over. Indirect game minimizes the stress of the random approach, but won’t eliminate it. You shy guys will just have to grit your teeth and learn to handle a bit of discomfort. The much-derided game routines can serve as a crutch to help you navigate these inherently tense pickup scenarios.


Ok, moving along to the second part of the video, at 6:56 begins the “Indirect Day Game” portion, where Wayne approaches a Slavic siren in the mall. The indirect opener he used was “Excuse me, from the way you’re dressed, you seem like you do something artistic… what do you do”. (I missed the “tester” he throws out to determine how receptive she was to his approach, so I can’t comment on that. The tester concept is interesting as it allows you to switch from direct to indirect on the fly, depending on how friendly she is to your direct opener.)

Just like in the direct approach above, he asks the girl’s name before he has built any attraction. This is not my style, as I typically assume that asking a girl’s name is an indicator of interest best left for later when she has earned my interest, but it doesn’t seem to hinder Wayne’s progress with the girls. Maybe asking for the girl’s name early on is necessary in day/street game.

At around 7:30, he goes on a long-ish elderly chat-style ramble about some story of this girl he knew who eats chalk. The point of the story is to move the convo from awkwardly formal to comfortably casual. He then calls himself out for his “weird association thing” relating her name to his story. Calling yourself out to a girl is a great way to neutralize potentially awkward social interpretations that a girl would normally have in the middle of a convo with a guy she just met who is talking about a girl who eats chalk.

8:22 — the kino half-hug. But this hug is less about escalation and more about gauging her receptiveness and comfort. He then offers words of encouragement as she talk about her job search (btw, this chick is hot, just noticed that), and she begins to open up.

9:15 — DHV. Well-played, not too obvious. A great way to frame DHVs is to speak them quickly, so that she does not have time to doubt your sincerity as you will not be perceived to be waiting for a positive reaction from her. Quick release DHVs embed your value in her subconscious.

9:41 — “You seem kind of cool.” His first qualification line. (Although, tbh, she doesn’t seem kind of cool at all. She seems like a stick in the mud.)

9:58 — Very subtle neg. Accuses her of having a baby face and looking fifteen. This moves the convo in a more seductive direction.

10:20 — “I’m shy.” Vulnerability game. It’s obvious he’s not shy, so admitting to shyness doesn’t lower his value.

At 10:40, she qualifies herself. “But I write poetry!” He validates her with a hug and an exaggerated “I love you sooo much”. She smiles genuinely for the first time.

11:05 — Wayne says, “I graduated college.” See postscript below.

11:56 — IHAB objection! This is the first shit test she throws out, which means the interaction is heating up. (Girls don’t shit test guys they are completely indifferent to.) He passes her shit test when he says “It’s Ok, we can just make love!” Now he switches to direct game because the shit test signaled it was time to drop the social chit chat.

12:20 — She goes to give her number. She seems to be hesitating, fumbling for a phone she says she doesn’t have on her? I can’t make it out. Again, I wonder if this is a sincere number close, or an excuse for a quick exit?

12:49 — “Do you remember my name?” Isn’t that a DLV? I wouldn’t have asked that, even if I suspected she forgot my name.

13:00 — “I’m Prince Charming.” Nice save. Did she get it? These foreign chicks sometimes don’t get American culture references. When they don’t get them, they stammer around feeling foolish, which may or may not be good for the pickup energy.

13:07 — “Where are you from?” This is the first major IOI she throws out. Lesson: It can take a good five to ten minutes of day gaming a chick before you crack her default bitch shield and earn an IOI from her. So don’t be discouraged by slow progress in the daytime.

13:10 — “Where do you think I’m from? Come one, you’ve been around, you know where people come from.” This is a better answer than simply saying where he’s from. It’s challenging and cocky and unpredictable, the opposite of how a beta would reflexively reply.

14:14 — Hug close. But the hug is weak. A two-finger hug. Her departing words are “Take care. Ok, Ok.” Ugh. Dry and patronizing. But again, that could be a peculiarity of her East Euro opaqueness. And her boyfriend was lurking nearby, out of sight, so she may have been extremely cautious about showing too much interest in Wayne.


How much did this “indirect” approach really differ from the previous direct approach pickup attempt? I couldn’t see much of a distinction, except in the details of the opener. Everything else in the two approaches followed the same over-arching game script. I suppose the pacing of the indirect approach was slower and more deliberate, less sexual in tone and far less touching, and that accounts for the longer time it took to close EE chick than it did for him to close philosophy chick.

EE chick’s body language and facial expressions did not scream “aroused and intrigued” to me. She seemed curious and perplexed, and a bit ashamed, which is understandable since she was talking to a strange man within room-shot of her boyfriend. Nevertheless, numbers were exchanged, so you have to give Wayne credit for that.



I don’t know if Wayne was able to follow-up with these two girls later and achieve the bang, although supposedly there is video out there of both girls on follow-up dates with him. My impression is that the closes were not particularly strong, if we measure close strength by the girls’ demeanors. The first girl, philosophy chick, giggled a lot, but it was the sort of surprised, awkward giggle that girls do when they feel uncomfortable or unable to fully comprehend what is happening to them. It didn’t sound to me like the loose and unforced giggle of a girl releasing pent-up sexual tension.

The second girl just seemed out of it, as is the wont of East European ice princesses, and although her receptiveness grew as the convo progressed, her body language remained somewhat cold. And she did leave arm-in-arm with her boyfriend, which suggests a future flake is likely.

Finally, I didn’t see a lot of reciprocated touching, flirty badinage, or other body language giveaways by either girl that would indicate growing sexual interest.

However, both pickups, judged by the standards of day game success, were pretty good. (It’s tougher to inspire sexual interest in sober girls during the day than it is at night in bars or clubs when girls are not only drinking, but in an expectant mental space where seduction is anticipated and welcomed.) The first girl did relinquish a kiss to him, after all. How many of you have done that with a girl within five minutes of meeting her on the street? And the second girl exchanged numbers. As day gaming goes, that’s a roaring success. Especially since the second girl’s boyfriend WAS ON THE FUCKING PREMISES when she offered her digits.

Wayne’s forceful, persistent, direct style of approaching girls on the street or in the daytime is a high risk, high reward strategy. You will get blown out a lot more than the guy using indirect, “slow boil” game, but you will get the lay quicker with those girls who love your direct style. As far as lay rate goes, I couldn’t tell you which tactic is more efficient. I tend to rely on indirect game. I don’t like pestering a girl with “Let’s just go for coffee, it’s right over here” ten times in a row. You could say I don’t have the stomach for that, but I prefer to think of it as cutting my losses to find less obstinate prospects.

All in all, I think Wayne’s style of day gaming — on his feet, cold approaching girls in neutral, nonsexual settings — is really designed for extroverts who get thrilled instead of fatigued by social interactions that ratchet up in complexity. For more unassuming guys, the coffeehouse or a restaurant rather than the street or the mall would be better venues for them to try out day game tactics. Indirect style seems a better fit for guys who won’t feel comfortable holding a girl’s hand for a full minute on the street and doing an eskimo kiss.

PS It would be remiss of me not to note that one of the reasons Wayne does so well with these cute white chicks is because he sounds like an intelligent white guy. Had he come across as some ghetto baggy-pants wearing black dude speaking ebonics I strongly suspect most white girls would clutch their purses and move away from him rapidly. I’m pretty sure he knows this, too. But then, this gets back to the power of contrast game. Fucking with a girl’s perceptions is almost as good as actually fucking them.

PPS Some of you are probably itching to ask if Wayne’s game is typical of “black man game”. That is, direct, insistent, sexual, won’t take no for an answer game. Kind of like a classier, upscale version of “Come on baby, you know you want it” ghetto game. To that I say… maybe. I do think black guys take to this style of game better than white guys. (And way better than Asian guys.) It comes more naturally to them. But I’ve seen plenty of white men run similar direct game like Wayne does here, and with a lot of success. Even though Mystery is technically not a “direct daygamer”, you can’t say his approach style was for the faint of heart. Same with Tyler. And Yad runs a very smooth quasi-direct day game approach. And then there’s that white guy from New York whose name escapes me who approaches a lot of chicks in the middle of the day and goes direct on them.

PPPS I went over some direct game essentials here. My suggestion to go “direct-indirect-direct” doesn’t differ much from Wayne’s approach system.

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