Reader F’in Mailbag!

Too many reader emails to do them all justice, so here is a sampling of some of the best ones from the past month.

Email #1

LD writes:

I imagine that hypergamy and neoteny are joined by perversity in the triangle of female darkness. Can you write about the history of mothers paedophiling their own daughters? It’s where things are heading now: I see it all around…at what point does slut culture and female sexual darkness manifest as the ultimate taboo for which women always blame men but for which they show stronger tendencies?

The Dark Triad of male psychological traits — narcissism, psychopathy, Machiavellianism — that are especially alluring to women has its equivalent in a female Dark Triad, which would include narcissism (hypergamy), caprice (emotional manipulation), and, like the reader says, perversity (alpha seed vs beta resource internal conflict). Female sexual and romantic innocence is the greatest trick the Cosmic Hamster has ever played on man.

When unleashed by social forces, the female sexual impulse is wilder, more dangerous and more perverse than the male sexual impulse. It is wilder because women have less experience than men controlling their horniness once it is activated. It is more dangerous because the wreckage a cheating whore leaves in her wake is much more extensive than that left behind by a cheating man (think cuckoldry). It is more perverse because women, being ultimately creatures of the body, at once enslaved by and enraptured by the rhythms of their physical sexuality and life-making force, are above no sexual or psychological degradation to a man of sufficient dominance, nor are they above participating in the transference of their sexuality to other women, even their own young daughters. The phenomenon of aging mothers whoring out their little daughters in pedophiliac beauty pageants is testament to the crass perversity that animates the female sexual psyche. Only strong social controls, taboos and shame can keep the dark nature of women in check.

The female Dark Triad is not particularly alluring to men, but the women who possess these traits are very good at manipulating men’s weaknesses for maximum resource extraction. A man would be wise to recognize the warning signs and avoid these kinds of women, or give them no more of himself but his detached penetration. Unfortunately, many female Dark Triads are also very pretty, and that makes it tough for inexperienced men, especially betas who aren’t used to sleeping with good-looking women, to keep them at a psychological arm’s length.

As for Western culture… well, yes. It is getting sluttier, crasser, more perverse, more uninhibited, and more pedophiliac, in spirit if not in action. And, feminists no doubt will be surprised by this, the pedo pushing is mostly done by women. From tot beauty pageants to schoolteachers having orgies with their alpha students, we are getting a glimpse of how woman appears when all constraints on the full expression of her id have been removed, and there is no leadership from an overarching patriarchal authority. Quite a sight to behold.

Email #2

A reader just wonders:

just wondering … im new to the game and once i read that we should make girls think we pick up a lot of chicks…not exactly  but we should act as if losing her doesnt matter..

Anyways on to the point…as a part of game…you should be selling yourself to chicks as the guy who gets laid a lot…and what if you use some sort of nickname to pass that kind of feel onto them..

Friends always call me stallone for a reason…and he’s a fucking badass of a guy….i was wondering if relying onto that nickname to to be known would be a good idea…or if it would make me look like a kid with lack of personality

Making a girl think you are good with women (preselection) is different than making her think you can live without her (alpha scarcity). You should be instilling both feelings in the women you meet. Nicknames can be useful, but I wouldn’t lean on them too much, because a nick can easily cross the line to goofiness. Nicknames shouldn’t be try-hard; that is, they shouldn’t sound like you’re conspicuously trying to puff out your chest. “Smash Master Jam” is right out. So is “Pussy Slayer”. Also, it’s always better if a girl hears your nickname from your friends rather than from yourself. Third party vouchsafing beats first party self-promotion.

Some experimental nicks you could try on for size: Boss, CEO, Casanova, Death Row, The Way (as in “he has a way with women”), Jacques or Pierre (don’t ask me why, but these French names evoke visions of pure romance in a lot of American women), Stone, Pace Car (good nicks are enigmatic and impel the girl to ask how you got it), Massive Furry Ballsack.

I’d also suggest you go around telling girls you only have a first name, and were adopted as an orphan by a hippie family.

Email #3

Reader asks:

I’m a 33 year old guy, completely average in every way and i can’t stand the dull uninspired drudgery my life has become, I recently started reading the site and you guys seem to have fun picking up girls so i thought maybe i would give it a try.

I scored a -3 on your test for men so the level i am starting off at is pretty low, I am not fat but not in the best shape either, I’m just under 6ft tall and about a 6 – 6.5 on the attactiveness scale but i’m probably not the best judge of that. My IQ is 150+ and I’m making just over £80,000 a year in a boring job that I am indifferent to.

I’ve never really had much luck with women, I don’t have much patience for the hoops they make you jump through, They don’t tend to notice my much anyway and to be perfectly honest i am not the best at socialising. I get easily bored with conversation and find it hard to pretend i am still interested. I don’t like smalltalk and i tend to fidget a lot.
I am highly critical of others and have a hard time keeping it to myself, I am often accused of being an arrogant arsehole.

So what can i do to turn my life around, to start enjoying socialising more and to have more success with women. Is there a definitive guide to game that will take me through the whole process or should i just give up and just continue paying hookers?

First, you need to reframe how you see yourself. You’re all negative, and there’s no need for you to perceive yourself that way. Try this spin instead:

“Things are pretty good for me. I’m tall, decent looking, and make good money. I demand more from women so I tend to get bored easily. Women can sense my high standards and they chase me to win me over. Things have been slow lately, but I expect it to pick up once I focus on getting out and meeting more women than I currently do.”

Say the above out loud to yourself. You should be feeling better within seconds. See how easy that was? The reframe is not only a powerful tool for leading women to your bedroom, it’s a great self-motivational technique. Inner game is not just mumbo-jumbo; you really can achieve more with the right mindset. Women will intuitively sense your positivity and they will gravitate to you, with little effort on your part.

As for guides, read the archives here. There are a slew of pickup books and website forums that you can read, too many to list here. Start with the Mystery Method to get grounded in the science and the art of seduction. STOP going to hookers. The act of paying for sex is feeding your negativity. You’re better off fapping, if you really need immediate sexual relief. The best alternative is to let your balls fill up with juice so that you have the inspiration to get out of the house and interact with women. Finally, I suggest hitting up a social event organized by a corporate entity, something like a cooking class. You have been out of the game for a while, and clubs might intimidate you at first. Ease into the scene by going to low-key, lower energy venues, and working your way up to venues with more energy (and more hot women).

Email #4

“Nate” writes:

Hey, thought I would share with you something about the mouth, and perhaps how it relates to women’s pleasure when giving ‘deep throat’ blow jobs.

Interestingly, babies are very good at this, and often try to continue doing this for a very specific reason.

Simply put your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and swallow. This will pull on your uvula in a very specific way. If you continue to do this, you will soon feel a very specific sexual pleasure in your pants. It is my thought that having a penis rammed up against the uvula gives a similar effect for the recipient of the cock.

News you can use, folks.

PS Tried it, achieved nothing but cotton mouth. However, I do think women get pleasure from throat jamming, but the reason has more to do with the good feelings that they experience by being orally degraded.

Email #5

The D.R.G. writes:

Mine is a niche market, created in part by following CH-principles…

Can the esteemed custodians of the Chateau and its commentariat offer any advice for dealing with (read: managing) pregnant girlfriends? Specifically, mid-20s Eastern European pregnant girlfriends who have never set foot in the U.S. (thank God) and whose beauty falls on the far right side of the bell curve.

The solid game, aloofness and jealousy-inspiring deeds that got me here are now described as “insensitive.” Declarations of my caring intentions and loyalty are being kindly requested on a daily basis.

It appears that 99% of what is covered in this venerable blog focuses on initial attraction and LTR game, but what of pregnant, hyperactive hormone, HB9, young EE game? The goal is to transition from cad to dad (a mighty challenge in and of itself!) and maintain the relationship without straying into minefield of betatude and loosing the alpha edge that got me to where I am today.

Details for consideration:

She is 7 years my junior, university-educated, a professional model (though not or much longer), New Age-ish, of middle-class origins, and very traditional regarding gender roles.

I am American, university-educated, work abroad nine months out of the year (willing to change but will take a huge pay cut if I do), currently make five times as much as her, and am also very traditional regarding gender roles.

I’m not fully informed on the science involved in this specific circumstance, but I’d guess your pregnant girlfriend was experiencing a flush of the “beta male reassessment” hormone oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for coaxing women to appreciate the particular benefits that a stable, reliable, provider beta male brings to the table. When a baby is about to land in her lap, the last thing she can afford is abandonment by a sexy cad who suddenly finds her unfuckable.

While this blog focuses on cad game because it is the type of game that most men don’t understand and fail to execute properly, “dad” game, aka “vulnerability game“, is just as vital to impressing yourself on women that you are a seductive, well-rounded, high quality man. After all, women only ovulate one week out of the month. The rest of the time, they are open to the (limited) charms of the emotionally rich man who can connect with them on a level beyond intriguing aloofness.

So I’m not surprised your girlfriend is with insecurity as much as she is with child. You probably won her with alpha charm, and now she needs some more signs of beta attachment. She is, on a very primal level, worried that you might leave her at the critical moment. So give her those signs. Backrubs, occasional compliments (pregnant women love reassurances that they are still sexy, even though most men are disgusted by the thought of fucking a woman with a giant bloated belly full of baby), and timely comparisons to other women that favor her are all perfectly acceptable “beta male” game tactics that will put her mind at ease and grow the love. If you are a natural alpha male, this kind of stuff might come to you with some difficulty, so you will have to make a concentrated, deliberate effort to soften your jagged edges and play the doting herb once in a while.

Just don’t go overboard. A little bit of beta goes a LOOOOOOONG way. And don’t give her the declarations of commitment when she expects them, like immediately after she has mewled for attention. Chicks HATE HATE HATE when their demands are promptly met. It’s one of the universe’s great paradoxes. Better to shrug her off teasingly after she has a spell of neediness, and accost her later with a warm hug and sweet nothing when she doesn’t expect it.

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