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PA drives the shank into the flanks of both bitter feminists and white knight game-haters.

CH, he’s right. Hang it up and delete all your game posts. As any woman can tell you, real men don’t need game. Just be attractive and don’t be unattractive.

I help coach a youth league. Think I’m gonna stop teaching these kids any techniques and just tell them to be awesome and the W column will take care of itself.

Heh. For that matter, since it’s all predetermined and outside personal control, why bother with schooling? Just pop out enough kids who will grow up to pay the government levy, and the economy will hum along without the dead weight of teaching the three Rs.

Anyone get the sense that the reason bitter cunts and indignant tradcons hate game is because they secretly believe it works and don’t like the thought that women can be actively seduced into love? Or maybe they find the whole idea of working at something and achieving goals irritating, because it introduces the notion that those who don’t work at something can be harshly judged for falling short of universal ideals.


Gotta hand a SOTW runner-up award to GBFM, whose lifted shiv gleams with pregnant possibility against the bright blue sky.

After da GBFM got dones with her, Sheryll Sandberg wrote, “I say in the book, date the bad boys, date the crazy boys who don’t fall off the treadmill, but do not marry them. Marry the boys who are going to change half of the diapers until dey fallz offf lzozozozzzol.”

Sandberg did say that, in so many words. I wonder how Dave Goldberg felt when he read those words his wife wrote? Like he was second- or third-rate betaboy, diaper-changing material? I’m sure he sucked it up and put on a happy face, like an obedient male feminist would.

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