Someone Saved A Life Tonight

From a reader:

Wasn’t going to go out tonight, but decided a few beers were in order after watching Gingrich bullshit his way thru another debate.

Long story short…in the beer garden, overheard a tall skinny herb explaining his desire to kill himself over a woman.

Long story short, after disciplining him over giving two shits about what a woman thinks of him, took his phone, bookmarked the Chateau, and told him if he reads the articles and comments, his life will be changed in 6 months.

Peace. And thanks for all you do.

I bet the Chateau has saved more lives, literally and figuratively, than all the feminist blogs on the internet combined. A remarkable feat when you consider the exuberant hate with which this blog dispenses its very special lessons.

Prince of sex, king of love, suicide prevention hotline: Chateau Heartiste.

49 thoughts on “Someone Saved A Life Tonight”

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