The Machiavellian F Close

Apropos of yesterday’s post, there is valuable game ore to be mined from those study conclusions. For example, here is an excerpt from one of the studies:

Engaging in uncommitted sex may be one form of female-female competition. If this is so, we would predict that women attribute to other women comfort levels that are higher than they, themselves, feel; this would generate PI that would heighten women’s awareness of potential threats from female competitors and may motivate women to engage in competition.

A clever man could use this information to gain insight into female thinking, and thus improve his odds of fuck closing any one girl. He now knows, thanks to science (and his own experiences if he isn’t brainwashed by feminist agitprop), that women are likely to overestimate other women’s comfort with casual sex in order to gain a competitive advantage at securing and keeping an alpha male’s attention. A woman is, in short, more likely to sleep with a man if she thinks other women are quickly and easily putting out for him.

A man can use this knowledge of female psychology to great effect in a seduction. All he has to do is hint — suggest ever so slyly so as not to alert her poseur identification defense system — that other women have been giving themselves over to his charms with questionable rapidity.

“I don’t know about girls these days. They’re so quick to jump into bed. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”


“Sex has become so devalued. Girls hardly date anymore. They make it so easy for guys.”


“Not so fast. I’m the romantic type. The last girl I dated was a stripper who wanted to have sex on the first date. it’s crazy out there.”


This is the idea behind Female Competition Exploit (FCE) game. Commenters are free to provide other examples of hastening F closes utilizing the Pluralistic Ignorance sociosexual concept.

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