There’s a certain kind of hater/troll who loves to poison sensible, race-aware discourse concerning mass immigration with tendentious exhortations to “make more white babies” as the only feasible solution.

A relevant comment by dastardlyrake had me thinking about this numbingly tedious variety of troll.

If we want to put reproduction as a primary goal in the arena, doesn’t that mean we need to reduce the importance we place on the virginity of a wife? Why shame men who marry women with high N counts? Shouldn’t we be lauding them?

Shaming has got nothing to do with it. Men, all else equal and all options available, would prefer to marry and bear children with virgins than with road-worn sluts. Chalk it up to the paternity assurance protocol. However, if MOAR WHYTE BAYBIES NOW!! is your only goal then, sure, impregnating ALL THE WOMEN will get you closer to that goal.

That goal, of course, is bullshit. Sure, a sub-replacement fertility rate will become a problem if it’s prolonged and the threat of self-extinction looms. But fertility rate isn’t the only concern. Quality matters. Demographic ratios matter. Living space matters. The environment matters. Social cohesion matters. And, yes, a little freedom to enjoy life without the hungry mouths of twenty kids taking bites of your soul matters.

The anti-game and anti-white haters — and that’s who these MOAR WHYTE BAYBIES trolls are once you scratch their surface bleatings — like to deploy the “””argument”””, such as it is, that white men who aren’t impregnating scads of white women have no right to complain about mass nonwhite immigration or white women with shitty feministing attitudes and blubbery hides. This notion is preposterous on its face.

One, as a matter of policy it’s a lot simpler to close the borders than it is to raise the birth rate of an entire race. Hell, it’s easier to create incentives for self-deportation than it is for Flukey femmes to get off the birth control.

Two, getting into a birthing war with the trash world’s wretched refuse is no way to build a city on a hill. However, it is a great way to despoil any remaining natural lands, exacerbate the animus generated by diversity to all-out war, and bankrupt social safety nets.

Three, we have fairly recent history to prove that America did just fine when she was 90% white and half the population she is today.

Four, as a philosophical point, reproduction is not the goal of human courtship. Sex is the goal. Children are an after-effect.

And five, most pointedly, there isn’t an exclusionary principle that prevents a man from lamenting the quality of his women and the wide-openness of his nation’s borders while simultaneously pursuing a hedonistic kinderfreie life. It’s as stupid as those dullards who demand that someone who doesn’t vote has no right to express an opinion about political matters or the direction of his country.

Finally, what do population growth whores think will happen if their prescription to bear lots of fruit and multiply unto the end of days is taken to heart by everyone? At some point, there will be too many people. Is there anyone who seriously believes the earth will be a livable planet at 50 billion people? I suppose Matty “Who polar bear this is?!” Yglesias thinks all will be fine with billions stuffed like sardines into 1,000 story, rent-controlled skyscrapers.

There’s sometimes necessity for population retraction and rebalancing. Population declines, land frees up, family formation costs go down, and population rises again. Naturally, all this is a lot more manageable when your elites aren’t flooding your country with the spillover of 100 shittier countries.

It may not please population growth GDP FOREVER libertardian theorists, but a period of slow or no growth caused in part by a shrinking population base isn’t a surefire recipe for a declining standard of living. Goatse’d borders, on the other hand….

…well, let’s say that the spirit of procreation would be enlivened when the world to be inherited by one’s children isn’t a socially disconnected, racially haphazard, overcrowded, low trust tooth-and-claw mad dash for value transference supremacy.

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