The Parable Of The Tiger And The Strawberry

Commenter Rick250 uses a parable to illuminate the aesthetic and practical appeal of the Heartistian ideology of poolsideism.

Theres a certain zen aspect to poolside…

Pursued by a tiger, you scramble off the edge of a 60′ cliff managing to find a couple of vines to hold you from falling. Looking down, you see another tiger hungrily waiting below.
You notice that the vines you hold are slowly being uprooted. Its only a matter of time before you fall, though, you have done, and are doing, everything in your power to find a way out of this.
Beside you, you notice a ripe wild strawberry growing within reach. You pick it and temporarily slip away into a blissful state, thinking it to be as ripe and perfect as a strawberry could taste.

Characters in this parable:

You: A redpill alpha male
Tiger 1: Western society and its decay
Tiger 2: The Hivemind
The strawberry: A beautiful, feminine, sweet woman

The machete you forgot is tied to your back: Teachings, as found here at the Chateau

There is a fatalist inevitability inherent to the poolside philosophy, though in practice one can be poolside as a bright future crests or as a dark age descends.

“But what about your posterity?!”, exclaim the anti-poolside-ists. “Don’t you want to leave them with a chance to live in a civilized homeland?”

I get the impulse. But, thinking about it, when poolside time is up, there’s no wistful looking back at descendants frolicking in the limpid waters you left behind. You are obliterated, you and all your memories, your senses and hopes, to the infinite nothingness. The fortunes of your heirs will only matter to you when you’re alive, and at death the comfort derived from safeguarding your posterity will vanish just as completely as your poolside time.

I suppose it’s a lucky thing for the propagation of civilized humanity that few people think so logically about their mortality. How could this grandest of self-deceptions evolve? It makes one wonder if, perhaps, there is a hidden hand shaping the spirit of man.

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