The Pathetic Creature

In this video, John Carmack, inventor of the first person shooter, unloads the BFG in the pinched face of a schoolmarm SJW.

A little background on the SJW:

Typical. Carmack accomplishes more before breakfast than this snout-nosed SJW has done in her lifetime.

Here’s the question to the studio audience:

Who’s the more pathetic creature?

– The insipid, hypocritical SJW, or

– The suckup, betaboy lapdog applauding (0:20-0:24) the SJW’s brave blow for gender justice?

No poll is necessary. I already know how most would answer. There’s something particularly grating about a self-castrating manlet propping the delusions of a funky cold medusa. We can laugh at the deluded naked king, but feel hate toward the cowards aiding and abetting the king’s delusion.

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