The Power Of Game: Turning An Antagonistic Feminist Into A Tingle Puddle

Reader walawala points out that one of the men approached for sex by a feminist humorist (contradiction in terms noted) in the “social experiment” video set forth as proof that men are 30% more interested in casual sex than are women had, himself, some serviceable game, which he used on his phony solicitor to amusing effect.

This is what prostitutes do…also she sounds insincere…I’d be creeped out. What this does show is the power of game.

Check out how the third [ed: fourth] guy in the Paul Bunyan shirt starts gaming her: “That’s a very weird proposition…” and flips the script so she’s now qualifying herself.

He appears at 1:10.

I can’t make out what she says to him after he says “and that’s very strange”, but it does sound by the tone of her voice that she is qualifying herself to him. Also notice that she drops her arms down to her sides, which indicates an openness to further conversation, unlike the repulsing crossed-arm pose she maintained with a lot of the men.

So yes, game can work on women, even when those women are feminist agitators on a mission of attention whoring.

The whole spectacle does raise an interesting (if unrealistic) game-centered thought experiment. What would you do if a bangable female stranger walked up to you and solicited you for sex? I mean, no fluff, no guff, just a straight-up proposition out of the gate?

If the girl was truly interested in sex — I have been cold approached a few times in my life by girls saying they wanted sex, once I translated their womanese into recognizable English (e.g., “do you want to leave and have a drink at your place?” –> “do you want to go to your place to fuck?”) — and her query was absolutely sincere (easy to tell), then the only game you need is “sure”, (if that). The less you say, the better, because more words can only increase the chance of jarring her out of her already maximally horny mood. KISS. Keep It Succinct, Stupid.

But, assuming that any girl who cold-twats you is a prankster having some fun, then you’ll need some game if you want a shot at turning her clown act into a love pact.

I can think of three charismatic responses that are better than the groinotypical replies most men would knee-jerk fall back on:

1. Call her bluff.

The black guy right at the beginning of the video goes direct on her (how about that? a black guy dispensing with the subtler arts of seduction!), and peppers it with a strong dose of Agree&Amplify. Go over the top. “Yeah, let’s go. Wait’ll you experience the pleasure of my ribbed condoms. By the way, do I have to stay the full night?” Why does calling her bluff work? It communicates all the right mate cues: “Here’s a man who must be accustomed to women’s sexual favors if he so boldly takes me at my whorish word.”

2. Disqualify her.

This is Paul Bunyan shirt guy’s preferred angle of parry. The advantage of initiating with DQ game is its shock value. That temptress will be thrown on her wobbly heels wondering if she has BO or something.

3. Amuse yourself.

To be flank, I think the Asian-ish guy (appearing at 1:24 in the video) has the best game for this weird situation. “Let me get some gatorade first”, spoken in a measured, steady cadence, anchored (presumably) by a dead-pan expression. Think about it… if you suspect a girl is fucking with you, wouldn’t you want to let her know you’re in on it? Have some fun, turn it around on her, and if she laughs (which she did), you might just make her rethink her reason for approaching you.

Whatever you do, DON’T say “R u srs?” That’s the kind of unconscious blurt that beta males find a comfy verbal fit. When you answer a girl’s sexual interest with “are you serious?” all you’re doing is influencing her perception of you in a negative direction. She’ll think you’re the kind of man who doesn’t get much action if he reflexively assumes a girl coming onto him is a cosmic impossibility.

One other take-home lesson from this video: Very few men have game. I’d put the number at three out of one hundred. With those odds, it’s no wonder game packs more punch per minute of conversation than any other male mate value attribute.


Commenter theasdgamer whips out the heavy semantic artillery and provides a very funny reply to a theoretical girl soliciting him for sex,

Maybe…do you do anal?

It is required.

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