The Real Meaning Of ‘Privilege’

Canadian Friend excerpts Thomas Sowell on the subject of ‘privilege’ (which as it’s used today by leftoids translates in full to ‘white privilege’).

Related, something Thomas Sowell said recently,

Our schools and colleges are laying a guilt trip on those young people whose parents are productive, and who are raising them to become productive. What is amazing is how easily this has been done, largely just by replacing the word “achievement” with the word “privilege.”

The Hivemind incantation of “privilege” is best viewed as a tacit admission by bitter losers that genes and heritage matter, as does self-discipline, and that they resent having been saddled with the polluted bloodlines of degenerates.

Or, if they are members of the white elite, ‘privilege’ becomes a cheat code to implicate the majority of whites who aren’t privileged (in the practical sense of the word) in a conspiracy of unfair advantage, which the elite hope will distract from their 1%er inherited advantage.

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