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New Acting AG Matthew Whitaker and DHS Kirstjen Nielson have just suspended the right to claim asylum at the southern border.

— Red Nation Rising (@RedNationRising) November 8, 2018

Matthew Whitaker:

I knew we couldn’t go wrong with a physiognomy like Whitaker’s.




PS Sessions has been early retired for ONE DAY and already the happenings are happening. Trump should’ve nominated Whitaker for AG on his inauguration day. Jeff Sessions…nice guy….did right by his momma….but he just didn’t have the rock-splitting phyzz we need in the MAGAmen era.


I’ve posted a few comments here to stir the debate about how Jeff Sessions should go down in history.

From Tipsy,

Before you bag too heavily on Sessions, remember that he has teed everything up for Whitaker. The brought in the big guy to hit the ball 300 yards. Good cop, bad cop.

From Sentient,

From the prior thread…

Time for a history lesson.

Listen up…

During the campaign Trump was being attacked by his own party even through the convention. Sessions was one of the very few sitting Senators who were willing to support Trump. That support was crucial to getting more of the GOP machine behind him and getting other big hitters as well. Recall Manafort was brought in for the precise reason of getting convention delegates on board with nominating Trump.

Shit is not like the movies…

Making Sessions AG was quid pro quo for his support. Sessions dream was to be AG. Trump thought Sessions was a believer and was shocked at his recusing himself on Day 10…

A Leopard won’t change it’s spots…

They call all this stuff “politics” btw…

see things how they are, not how you want them to be. else you end up with Q like ex post facto rationalizations.

From stg58animalmother,

Sessions did what he needed to do. How do you think he got the nickname “Silent Executioner” back in Alabama? We are operating off of a sliver of information on the whole picture. Sessions has been annihilating the child porn and pedophile rings across the country. And immigration too. He’s done his job, now it’s time for open warfare.

In defense of the pro-Sessions crowd, a telling window into Sessions’ loyalties was opened during his exit interview:

In an interview just after being forced to resign as attorney general on Wednesday, Jeff Sessions stood by his decision to recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller probe, while acknowledging that the length of the investigation has proved “unhealthy.”

Sounds like a man with some regrets. This confirms my judgment of Sessions as a lieutenant of the MAGA revolution: overly principled in an age when principles are mocked and the principled are bulldozed. He probably thought Mueller was a man of integrity who would clear Trump in short order. I think he sees America for what it is now, and it has stolen his spirit. I bet he left his post relieved, knowing the time had come for men hungry for open warfare to replace principled genteel conservatives like himself.

Sessions did do a lot of “silent executing” behind the scenes to gut the open borders bureaucracy. But his recusal from the Russia Hoax was a blow to not only Trump, but to the MAGA agenda, and it was a costly mistake. I think this bothers him. And I think he was a Trump loyalist. He deserves an honorable goodbye, but it’s time to move on.

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