Why You Should Incinerate Your Used Condoms

Via reader Tim, Funny Yahoo Questions is an archive of hilarity. And disturbing vileness.

The desperation of single moms knows no limit. Seven years without a replacement father to foot the bills can really fuck with a lonely mother’s ethical code:

Men, always flush your used condoms down the toilet. And whatever you do, don’t let her dispose of the condom for you. Thanks to our fucked-up nonsensical anti-male laws, all it takes is one crazy bitch to saddle you with a kid tax for eighteen years.

What’s the leading indicator that a man is dating a young, hot chick?

When he’s turned on by her sitting on his face. You will never hear a man say he wants an aging cougar or a fat chick to sit on his face, unless he is a freak loser. A young babe’s ass crack is intoxicating like a rose. A cougar’s ass is a dingleberry jungle. PSA: When doing a cougar from behind, press the ass cheeks together so you don’t have to view the tangled mess within. Your boner will thank you.

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