Women Are Most Deluded At 31

A survey of older women and their husbands who were being watched while filling in the survey questions “””concluded””” that women were most attractive at age 31.

The poll of 2,000 men and women, commissioned by the shopping channel QVC to celebrate its Beauty Month, found that females in their early thirties are seen as more attractive than younger girls as they are more confident and stylish.

Shopping channel QVC — where unbiased science calls home!

[Beauty] was defined as being confident by 70 per cent, having good looks by 67 per cent and being stylish by 47 per cent.

Helen Thomas is undoubtedly a confident woman.

This confidence deluding device is one of thinnest reeds women hang onto as they age. It’s a classic case of gender projection. Women are attracted to confidence in men, so surely men must be attracted to confidence in women. Obvi! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out that way in the real breathing world. Above a very minimal level of functioning self-esteem (i.e. not so depressed that she shuts herself indoors and whimpers in a corner in the fetal position), a woman’s attractiveness has little to do with her confidence, however amorphously defined. A confident beast is still a beast, albeit more insufferable than a beast who knows her place.

A lot of women also confuse sexual openness for confidence. Raging tankgrrl sluts are especially prone to believing that their sexual aggressiveness is the hallmark of feminist confidence. In reality, it is the hallmark of sluttiness, nothing more. It doesn’t take much confidence in one’s self-worth as a woman to spread one’s legs for horny men who will gladly dump a serviceable fuck in any halfway decent and readily available pussy.

Almost two thirds of women surveyed – 63 per cent – agreed that “with age, comes beauty”.

Too easy.

The same number said that as they get older, they care less about what others think of the way they look.

We tend to openly care more about things we have control over. When you’re ugly and getting uglier by the day, it assuages the ego to imagine that you are above such trivial matters as impressing the opposite sex with your looks. And yet, even ancient grandmas will smear lipstick and rouge on themselves before heading out the door for dinner. It’s sad. So the compulsion to care what people think of us never disappears completely; it just fades away as reality continually reconfirms the uselessness of caring very much for something that long ago escaped our scope of influence.

And 51 per cent said as they age they shed their insecurities and feel prettier.

Only 51% in full denial mode? I figured mirrors would be in more homes than that. Interestingly, this survey result contradicts the survey result directly above it.

“Shedding insecurities” is another female empowerment trope. It’s easy to “shed” insecurities when there’s no hope of benefiting from acknowledging insecurities and working to improve the underlying conditions creating them. The rationalization hamster was strong in these survey results. Which brings us to another maxim…

Maxim #85: As women’s bodies age and weaken, their rationalization hamsters grow bigger and stronger. Eventually, the hamster is powerful enough to take control of all higher order consciousness.

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